Even Better Than The Real Thing

I experienced something this weekend, something I had fantasized about for years and years.

I’m not going to go into details about what it was just yet, or maybe ever, but there was something about it I wanted to share.

It was a little different than I had imagined but it was still very powerful, very hot and I’ve been turned-on all day remembering it.

The surprising part is how it was less about the physical aspects of what was going on and much more about the mental and emotional aspects of it.

There were times when I wasn’t sure I could keep going, where I wasn’t sure if I could take it, but she was there the whole time, stroking and pulling my hair, running her nails down my skin, whispering to me how much she loved it and how I was hers.  Despite all that was happening, she became my focus and I didn’t even need to try.

Eventually it became less about what was going on with my body and all about my mind and my heart.   I went from being nervous and scared to feeling brave and strong.

All because she was there.   It became a more powerful experience.  Yes, even on paper it was hot but beyond that I feel more owned, more…well….loved.

All because she was there.


She has that ability to put me as well as you in a comfort and trust zone, better and deeper than anyone else I have ever known. Love is a powerful force.

It must have been a great experience, for both of you 🙂 I hope that someday you’ll share it on your blog, because…well, mainly because I’m curious 😀