Being presumptuous?

She wasn’t home, she wouldn’t be home for another hour or so.

I had been hard for her almost all day.   That seems to be the case more often than not lately.   I had managed to distract myself a bit with some work, answered a few emails, downloaded the last season of a TV show she and I were enjoying, but my mind kept wandering.

I thought about surprising her, getting the bedroom ready, setting out some toys so I could properly welcome her home when she returned.

Then the thought crossed my mind.   What would happen if I tied myself up and waited for her?  How would she react?  Would it seem presumptuous?

I browsed thorough a few of our toy drawers, deciding what to do.   Do I take out a few designed specifically to please her or a few designed to hurt me?

I considered my options.   I could tie myself up in a position where I’m very vulnerable and lie there and wait for her, maybe gag myself.   Maybe I could be in a position where she’d have multiple options depending on her mood so she could decide if she wanted to fuck me one way or the other or if she could beat me.

I considered what that might be like, naked in an awkward position, putting myself in bondage in a way that it was difficult to get into and even harder to get out of.

The more I thought of it the more it turned me on to wonder what she might do.

I then realized it would feel like topping form the bottom a bit, ok more than a bit, setting myself up for any specific kind of play that she didn’t ask for.

I then though of setting out candles, dimming the lights, setting out the massage oil and waiting for her.

It was then that I got a text from her, she wasn’t going to be home for a few more hours.

Next time, I’m going to go with the massage oil and candles.


When my partner and I play with self bondage, he always asks permission prior to setting himself up, so that there is no “topping from the bottom” issue and for the sake of safety.
Massage is always the best surprise.

I’d be interested in what Sade thinks about this–would she see this as topping from the bottom in a bad way?

One thing that I really dislike about the idea of TFB (for short) is that it can inhibit the submissive from taking any erotic initiative. Some people like that. As far as I can tell (possibly mistakenly), my boyfriend really doesn’t like it when I physically jump him–but he’s DOES like me offering verbal suggestions, me going down on my knees, me stripping off items of clothing, etc. I guess basically whether it’s TFB depends on whether your top likes it or not. 😉

Have you read Tom Allen´s Special Delivery, by any chance? 🙂


Oh, axe, I know what I’d have done, at least. Exactly as I pleased, either jumping your tied down bones, ravaging you, or leaving you tied until you had to beg and beg to be helped loose. Or untying you and telling you to get up and do something useful.

It’s only topping from the bottom if She feels obliged to play along. From how you describe Her, I suspect not.

Offering a massage sounds nice and safe. It’s not as hard and humiliating to get out of, if you were wrong though. And My submissive being wrong would definitely entertain Me.