Opening Up The Masocast

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of the Masocast….ok I’m always thinking of the future of the Masocast.

I have a love-hate relationship with the podcast. I love doing interviews, meeting new people, making new friends and hearing different perspectives. In fact, if I had a dream job, it would be to be able to interview people for a living. Maybe in another life I’ll come back as Charlie Rose.

Anyway that’s the love part.

The hate part of the podcast is that it sucks up so much of my time and resources. Thankfully people help by donating so it’s not a total financial suck but it’s really not sustainable in it’s current form. I hate needing to beg people for money, I feel like an ass and the fact that I need to do it often and really push it hard means I feel like an even bigger ass. In an ideal world, some eccentric billionaire would give me a grant to keep doing the show for the rest of my life…actually in an ideal world, I’d be an eccentric billionaire.

I’ve debated ending the podcast a number of times, in fact if it wasn’t for Sade’s encouragement…ok very very strong encouragement, I probably would have ended it years ago.

So that brings me to the whole reason I’m writing this. I’m opening up the podcast to allow anyone to submit an interview.

It’s never really been closed but I just didn’t explicitly say people could submit their own interviews. Ok…i did say it a number of times..but now I’m typing it.

So what does this mean? It means anyone can sit down and record an interview with someone, send me the interview to edit and if it’s good enough it goes on the show.

I’m sure someone will say ‘But if you need to approve and edit it, it doesn’t mean it’s actually 100% open”. You’re right but I still need to maintain some creative control otherwise if I approved everything that came in the Masocast would probably be just episodes of some guy talking about how he loves to dip his balls in white out and pretend he’s the ghost of elvis.

Hmm that last line sounded funnier in my head…typed out it doesn’t even make sense.

Ok anyway I’ll be talking about it more often in the future here and on the podcast. If you’d like to participate you can shoot me an email and ask any questions you may have, you can always use the comments on this post…or you can just start interviewing.

Ask A Gay Guy

In a couple of days I’ll be sitting down to interview one of my favorite people on the podcast, Nayland Blake.

Nayland has been on the show a couple of times before and if you’ve heard those episodes then you know it’s going to be another great conversation.

We’ve been kicking around an idea for a while, a no holds-barred Q&A from people who want to ask a gay guy anything.   The thought is that everyone has questions they’d like to ask their friends but it may be considered rude or maybe just uncomfortable to ask.

Say you have a politician friend and you would really like to ask them if most politicians really are asshats but you can’t because then it may make things uncomfortable between the two of you.  Well now imagine if you knew a politician that would answer any question you had honestly and…ok maybe politician is a bad example.

Lawyers maybe?

Or a gay guy who’s also a switch!

So perhaps you’ve had a burning question you wanted to ask that switch friend of yours or that gay friend of yours but you thought it would show your ignorance by asking it, well now you can.

I’ll be sitting down with him on Thursday, January 2nd to pass along your questions and it will be live a month or so later.

Feel free to leave me a message in the comments or shoot me an email [email protected]