Calling All Pervs

I have a pretty standard way I manage interviews for the Masocast. Every three months I do a big block of interviews usually enough to cover the next three months. I make a few exceptions if a guest is only available outside my interview block or something else comes up like if a guest is only in town for a few days.
I mention it because I’ll be doing another block of interviews in December and I’m looking for interesting guests. I have a few lined up already but if I can squeeze a few more in it will help me hit the ground running in 2014.

Even after over 120 interviews there are tons of areas I haven’t covered on the podcast. I’m reminded of this when someone sends me an interview suggestion and I end up face-palming wondering why I didn’t think of that.

Some of the most common interviews people request:

Porn Stars
Cross dressers
More LBGT guests
Triads (I assume they mean three people in a relationship and not the Chinese organized crime syndicate).

I’ve had some variations of the most requested types on the show but people are always interested in hearing more.  Though I’ve never had a pornstar on the show. I’ve interviewed one but I’m guessing she was uncomfortable with it going live so it sits on the shelf for now.

Another I’ll add to the list is a religious person. I’ve been a bit pushy with my atheism on the show lately and I’d love to get a devout fill-in-the-blank kinky person on the show get their perspective.

Booking guests on the show can be a bit tricky when it’s someone I don’t know personally. Whenever someone requests a woman on the show and I don’t know her it can be a little awkward if they’ve never heard of the Masocast. I used to send a polite and professional email giving the potential guest a background on the show and a general idea of what we’d talk about but I think it came across more like “Hey lady, wanna come over to my place and talk about sex?” Now that I can point to Sade and say “Look! See? I have no interesting in boning you because she and I are together…we cool”? Still it comes across as awkward.

So that brings me to the point of this post. I’m always looking for more interesting people to talk to and topics to focus on so I welcome interviewees and your guest and topic ideas [email protected]