A Happy Post: Indiana Jones

I’ve got a lot of posts on the way that make me sound more jaded than ever. Instead of putting up one of those posts where I wine about how fruitless and pointless it is to be a submissive male, I thought I’d share something that I’m actually excited about. Something to be positive about.

Later this month I’ll be sitting in a theater with a few friends watching the latest Indiana Jones movie.

There’s been a lot of talk about the latest movie, some of the hype is that it won’t be as good as any of the other Indy movies. That might be true. Looking at the trailer I still get a bit of a silly grin on my face in anticipation. Good or bad, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

I remember the first time I saw Indiana Jones. It was my 10th birthday party. My parents had rented a VCR player and one movie. Raiders Of The Lost Ark. After seeing it I was running around with a whip in my hand (yes we had a whip, hey we had cows!) and screaming the theme at the top of my lungs.

For months and months I played Indiana Jones. Jumping on haystacks, swinging from the beams in the barn, setting up booby-traps in the woods then walking through the woods as though I was on the hunt for some ancient treasure. I bought all of the choose-your-own-adventure Indy books and would get into fights with my friends over who was better Han Solo or Indiana Jones.

I saved up my allowance for almost a year to buy the ultimate prize.


It was an official Indiana Jones hat. There was even a picture of Indy on the inside of the hat. I wore that thing constantly. I even rolled it in the dirt so it would look like I had been through many crazy adventures.

I lost the hat 11 years ago in a big flood. I lost everything I own but that hat was probably the biggest loss.

I went from wanting to be a superhero to wanting to go into archaeology. Not the kind that spend all of their time digging up bones, but the kind that saves the world from the evil Nazis.

A few months ago I introduced the trilogy to a friend who hadn’t seen any of them. “You’ve never seen them?” I asked almost soiling myself in shock. She loved them and will be one of the friends that will be sitting next to me when we see the latest installment.

I know when I see the new one I’ll love it no matter how good or bad it is. I know that when I’m sitting in that theater I’ll forget about everything that sucks for just a little while. I’ll be 10 years old all over again.


I also love the Indy series and cannot wait for the new movie to come out. It’s pure adventure and he is such a believable hero; I get chills just thinking of the theme music now!

A man after my own heart! I loved those movies growing up!

I am a bit torn about it having managed to be around for the first movie when it played at the Lowe’s actor plaza, I was one of th people whi stayed online all night to get in for the first show.
I had a funny moment waiting online for the second movie when a camera crew for I think it was channel 9 tried to interview me because I was wearing a fedora like hat at th time and trying to get me to say “yes I wear it because of indy”.

I think i want to see this one now because of the return of marion and for the nostalgia im not to sure for anything else sadly the coming attraction I saw at Iron Man just was so lackluster I wasn’t to enthused.

Should bring my 8 foot whip and make the line cheer

Ooooooh, so thats why Indian Jones is on EVERYTHING all of a sudden. New Movie.

I saw part of one of the movies when I was 8. I was waiting for it to be time to get the lice treatment out of my hair (Lovely image, eh?) and I saw the one with all the icky bugs. Then I puked.

Though amazingly, I rather enjoyed the part where a man ripped out hte heart of another with his bare hands. I spent weeks pondering if that were possible.

Yes, there is some nostalgia involved for me, too…. but mostly, I’m in love (lust?)with Harrison Ford, and always have been. God, he’s sexy.

Great piece! It brought back some memories and I’m looking forward to the new film as well.


Perhaps most anticipated is the role of Cate Blanchette as a whip cracking Russian military officer with a severe hair cut and decidedly ‘dominant’ personality. Unfortunately some early sneak preview reviews posted online are critical of the movie describing it as the, “Indiana Jones sequel you were fearing…” We’ll see, won’t we, Dr. Jones.

Dov: As if I didn’t think you were cool enough what with the stories you’ve told me, you go and tell me that. Careful brining the whip to the movie though, they’ll probably consider it a weapon these days.

John- I didn’t even know Blanchette would have a whip of her own. That will be a big added bonus!

You probably right back on line for temple o doom the front of the line had about 3 or 4 Indy clones right down to the real hat and real or pretty close to it leather jacket.
At least one or 2 of them were showing of basic whip moves for the camera crews.

The thing I forgot to mention with the reporter in my face and me making noncommittal comments about the hat keeping the sun out of my eyes, a friend of mine just started to unzip with a huge grin and said “Hey let me show you my whip!” the camera light snapped right off and they went away looking for the dumb geek guy shot elsewhere

Now i am sure they would get hauled off by the cops as terrorists

Thank you for the sweet nostalgic post! I remember seeing the Raiders of the Lost Ark at a drive-in in the middle of summer with my parents as part of a double feature. Of course, I was smitten with Han Solo; how could a young girl not love the roguish charm of Indy, too?