Worth It

I fell asleep on the couch. She had been busy working on research and I was doing work for a client when I eventually passed out around midnight.

I should say that  I’m a very heavy sleeper.  So heavy that she’ll sometimes ride me in my sleep and I’ll barely even remember it the next morning.  This time she was doing things that made it impossible for me to stay asleep.

I vaguely remember her putting the handcuffs on me, pushing my hands up over my head and ripping my pants off while I was on the couch and sliding a towel underneath me.  I remember catching a glimpse of her wearing her leather harness and her cock.

I remember her spreading my legs and sliding into me, pushing my shirt up to expose my chest and pinching my nipples with one hand and stroking me with another.  Fucking me while stroking me and using my cock as leverage to slam into me.

I don’t remember how long she fucked me I was in such a daze but soon she was counting down from ten and when she hit “one” she then ordered “Now!” and a wave rushed over me for the longest time.

After I came down from the high I noticed the clock displayed just after three in the morning.

We showered.   Washing her back was all it took for me to be ready for round two and soon our wet bodies were in the bedroom but this time it was all about her pleasure.

The last thing I remember was looking at the clock and noting it was after four in the morning.

I woke up late for work, rushed out the door and made it into the office in the nick of time.  I was in a fog for the rest of the day.  My body achy and numb.

Worth it.

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Stories like this about the relationship the two of you have make me smile. It’s a beautiful thing 🙂