What I’m Thinking

I’m trying to be nice, cordial and not complicate things.

I’m dying to taste you. Feel your fingers running through my hair while I suck your clit into my mouth.

I smile, make small talk, try to make you laugh and try to make you a new friend.

Feeling the soft skin of your perfectly shaped inner thighs on both sides of my head.

I don’t care if you tie me up and do a million amazingly dirty and evil things to me or if I just go down on you. Whatever, please, just do it.

This is one of the many times I regret not being dominant. If the roles were reversed I’d order you to let me please you.

All I can do is beg, and I can’t even do that.

So, I just smile and try to make you smile.

It is what it is.

But I wish it were different.



You said it, mister.

The lot of the submissive is to be restricted to “gravitational” attraction. Unable to demand anything directly of a Dominant, the sub must simply be vulnerable, exposed, hoping that the availability attracts the dominant, like blood to a shark, or a bare neck to a vampire.

If only she could read your mind.

Jon- Interesting, maybe I should change my name to chum.

Marianne- Oh she knows.

Wow , You need not change your name . I am sure the person you are trying to lure can already smell the fresh blood.

This was the first post I came across and I can’t get enough. This is great…

Sheesh. It’s ridiculous how you inspire me to blog. I’ve posted my version, if you’re interested.

*Sigh* There should be more submissive blogs like yours.

That was hot, Axe. Very, very hot.

xx Dee

Zoey- Thanks for the compliment:)

Sadiste- Happy to inspire. But you should do some googlin’ there are a number of sub-male blogs out there.

Dee- Awww shucks.

This entry was interesting to read, not only because it’s very hot, but because there’s so obviously a story behind it, and I wish I was in NYC so we could have coffee and I could hear about it. 🙂

I just found this site of yours… I recently met someone that isn’t normally submissive (so he says) but feels the need to be with me… and for me it’s very new… the idea of a man wanting me to be dom, so before I turn him down I feel it’s in my best interest to explore this and understand it before I can make a decision… I mean just because I haven’t experienced it before doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to… and when reading your blog… this one in particular it helps me understand him a little more… so thank you for letting me in on your personal thoughts.