That Other Part Of Me

Well we’re back from the farm and I can honestly say it couldn’t have gone better.

I was a little nervous for a number of reasons. I knew losing the farm would be an emotional time for the family, it would be a lot of hard work getting everything ready and I knew she would be seeing me in a new light. She’d be seeing me with the people that have known me the longest.

Two days before we were going to arrive on the farm I learned that it would be less of a vacation and more of a job. There was still a lot of work to do. Instead of spending the time showing Sade around, we’d be spending the time working, working and working. Not exactly what I had in mind when I knew she was coming back with me. I wanted to take her on a vacation, not take her to a place where she’d be working her ass off.

“I’m thinking of this as an adventure, not a vacation” she assured me.

I swooned.

Yeah….she made me swoon a number of times while we were there. She also made me ache, moan, awe and lots of other mushy feelings.

Now I could go into all the details of how much my family loved her, how great she looked in ragged down farm clothes, how I finally got to feel what it’s like to sleep next to someone I was involved with on the farm (and not just anyone either) how having her there made the trip go from a sad occasion to something I’ll never forget…but I’ll save that for another time.

Long story short, she and I had fun and can’t wait for another trip together. Next time it’ll be somewhere warm though.

Meanwhile, I’m saving my pennies for another adventure with her.

it was pretty hard to say goodbye to this place that has been in my family for over 100 years. Farming isn’t what it used to be (if it ever was), money was always tight when I was growing up, I’m lucky and happy that I got to have the experience I did when I was growing up. I hope to one day be able to buy it back. Will I be able to? Probably not but one never knows. Either way I’m eternally grateful that she came back with me and got to see that part of me.

She’s seen me as a slave and a man and now she’s seen me what I started as. She’s seen me as a farmboy from the great plains.



you’re making me smile from ear to ear. and that photo is absolutely beautiful.

My great grandfather bought a plot of land on the northern beaches of Sydney in 1916 for 50 pounds. Last night I slept in the house that my grandfather built, that my father grew up in until he moved overseas, and that has now been home to four generations of my family now that I have moved back to Australia.

I know what you mean about wanting to one day buy it back. I would love to be able to raise my own kids there, but part of me doesn’t believe it’s the least bit practical.

Glad you had a good trip.

Sounds wonderful (even if sad) and that picture is breathtaking.

Thank you so much for sharing that stunning photo 🙂

O gee, Axe, I’m really touched by this post. I also grew up on a farm, but not one of such age. I’m there now, actually. Our neighbors just sold, and I remember going to the auction, with its weird mix of the funereal and the country-fair. Farms, especially old farms, are so alive, have such personality, I think we mourn them almost like human beings. I’m so glad you have a lover to be there with you.

I’m spending this Christmas in the house my parents bought in 1966. It’s likely their last Christmas there, and all of us are somewhat heartbroken. Thanks for sharing.

I’ve also had a second part of me… now, it is gone…

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