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I’ve been busting my hump lately working on a bunch of extra freelance work. I have a regular day job but to help make ends meet I do the nerdy side jobs when I can.

But in my spare time I’ve been working on some of my own projects, most of those projects are designed to help me get more freelance work so….wait..I’m spending my limited free time working on websites so I can find more people to make websites for so I can have less free time? I just read that as I was typing it and now I’m wondering what the hell I’m doing!

Anyway I did manage to find some of that spare time and try out a redesign for the Masocast site. Take a look and let me know what you think or offer up some suggestions on how to improve the site.

One of the biggest requests I’ve had was to implement better tags on episodes so now I’m slowly going through each episode and tagging them based on topic. That’s going to take some serious time though.

Also I’ve kicked off this year’s fundraiser to keep the show going for another year.  If you’ve got a couple of spare bucks then your support is always appreciated.

Speaking of the Masocast, the latest episode is with my friend Evermore where she talks about the good and bad parts of dating someone with a fetish. Not a “fetish” but a real fetish. Interesting stuff I’ve never considered before. Plus she’s hilarious.

On a related note I’m always looking for more people to interview.  If you have any suggestions on who you’d like to hear on the show (or you’d like to hear yourself) then drop me a line.

Porn Talk With The Doctor on The Masocast

Anna B VolkDr. Anna B Volk sat down with me to talk porn, stereotypes of Brazilians, girl-crushes and a bunch more on the latest Masocast.

She writes about porn and tweets here @AnnaBVolk


A Close Call

A listener to the podcast sent me this email recently.

“Just wanted to send a small message to say that the show is still very much appreciated and is my favourite thing to listen to in the car.

To give you a little chuckle, today a female colleague asked to borrow my car as an emergency , as her’s was in for repair . So being a nice chap and her being Hot, I handed over my keys. I had used the car to drive to work and my Ipod was still plugged into the stereo ….. OMG .

So this evening I was handed back a set of carkeys by a cute Lady smiling .. “What’s the Master Class ??” and “What is a Dominatrix ??” She asked in a really open manner. “Oh I listened to the podcast and learned a lot” she added ….

Well I suppose if one is to “come out” might as well do it via the Masocast show …..
Great stuff, keep up the work and again thank you for all the interviews.”

I’ve had a couple of emails like this over the years and they are always positive. It’s most likely that those who get “outed” by listening to the podcast in a bad way are too mortified to share the story with me but it’s nice to know some people end up bridging the gap between others who may also be kinky through the podcast.


So, What’s up?

I have to fit a lot into this post.  So much to mention.


Well it’s been a pretty busy year so far.   I’ve had lots of extra freelance work so my days have been filled with the dayjob and my nights with the evening gigs.

On the plus side it means more work.  On the downside it means less time to put in the podcast.  Sometimes it feels like I have to quickly slap one together so I can finish my other work in time.

I still manage to crank one out every other week to my own surprise.  I just managed to pass the 50th episode mark.  And here I thought I’d quit after 10 or so.

Speaking of the podcast, I’m almost done with the long list of interviews I recorded a few months ago so I’ll be doing more interviews starting next month.  If you or someone you know would like to sit in front of a mic for a few just shoot me an email.

Let’s seee…what else:


Sade and I share calendars, syncing our iPhones and Laptops. One day while at work she told me I had better check my calendar and sure enough here’s what I see:


“Be dressed in cod piece sans front piece, collar, leash, nipple clamps, and ballstretcher. Be waiting for me, kneeling with hard cock in hand and dinner for 1 on the table.”


Need I say more?


The Rope Share is back Sunday February 20th.  This time it’s hosted by my friend Tyutumi and Master Mike.

More details can be found here.

While you’re there be sure to take a look at all of the other events coming up at Glint Studios.  If you haven’t been to a class or event there before, you don’t know what your’e missing.  No, really you don’t know what you’re missing and I pity you.

Another Masocast Is Live, Two Interviews In One

There’s a lot to cover in this episode:
-More Free tickets to the Lifestyle Relationship Workshop
-Listener Voicemail
-The Masocast is on Fetlife, feel free to add the podcast to your list of friends
-A conversation with Evermore about video chatting online.
-A conversation with a friend about finding kink in college, how to tell your friends you’re kinky and more.
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