kinkify ikea

The Perfect Kink Bed

For the past 6 years, Sade and I have had the same bed. It’s an Ikea wooden platform bed we’ve converted to meet our sex life.  Surrounding the bed are a series of brackets with steel rings for bondage points.

Home made bondage bed

Back of the bed, rings can be flipped down to hide them

It took less than an hour and it works surprisingly well.  My worry was that we’d get into a heavy scene and I’d be pulling on it so hard  that I’d rip the rings right off the bed.

ring and rope bondage points

Making a bondage bed on the cheap

Well after six years of use the bed is about to give out on us.  The creaking is getting louder and it’s not nearly as sturdy as it once was.

The last few days I’ve been looking for a replacement.   Something not too obvious so family doesn’t freak out when they visit, something raised off the floor enough to give us a good chunk of storage.

Metal Bound is the first place I looked.  If you haven’t seen it get ready to drool.   It’s the gold standard.  Almost everything on Metal Bound is on our “When we win the lottery” list.   Holy crap that work is amazing.

Stockroom was the next place I looked, really amazing stuff but doesn’t fit our needs.

I can see where this is going so I’m also debating taking a vanilla bed and kinkifying it.

I’d love to hear any reviews/suggestions for a good bed to kinkify or an pre-kinked affordable bed. So if you’ve got any, throw ’em my way either via email, tweet or right here in the comments.