D/s wedding planning

The Ring

We had two main requirements when picking out the ring:

Nothing too fancy
A hint of kink

So a ring with a bit of rope seemed perfect, plus a nice inscription.






How to have a kinky wedding…without having a kinky wedding

Sade and I have been busting our balls lately. She’s been deep in her class work and I’ve been working my day job followed by my night job and managing the podcast.

In what little spare time we have we’ve been planning our wedding. One issue we’ve come upon is how we can incorporate aspects of our D/s relationship without most of the guests knowing that we’re incorporating aspects of our D/s relationship.

Out of all of our guests who are planning to attend, I’d say about half of them are vanilla and have no clue about this other side to our relationship and frankly we’d like to keep it that way.

So we’ve been toying with ways on how we can be kinky while seeming to be vanilla.

One thought is that we can say our vows and at the end briefly whisper something to each other that only the other can hear. Another thought is to have the person officiating the wedding (who’s in the lifestyle) say something in another language knowing that none of our guests speak it.

That’s all we’ve come up with so far but we’re entertaining other ideas on how to secretly kinkily our ceremony.