Sugasm #108

This Week’s Picks
From virgin cocksucker to blowjob queen
” I love to play and tease with my hand and tongue, lightly licking, sometimes using my panties or another soft fabric to run across the shaft.”

“Oh yes, I’ve seen it all before, I know what you’re here for.”

Old Friends
“His cultured voice warm, approving, promising; it makes me wet every time, an uncontrollable Pavlovian response.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
The Count

Editor’s Choice
Hot and Cold

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BDSM & Fetish
Cuffed Off Guard
Dream #10
Mattress Navigation
More ideas of my own.
Naughty girl confesses
Or just submitting… (Part 3 about S)
PART 2 -She Came In Wearing A Corset, Stockings, And A Smile
Pre Game: Sex Camp, Antici….pation
So Delicious

Sex Poetry
Haiku Festival of Erotic Power and Rope

Sex News & Reviews
5 Naughty Gift Sets to Get for Christmas
Feminists Make Better Mates
Fetish Film – Outpatient (Latex, Bondage, Breathplay, Femdom, Spanking)
Intern Sex Toy Review – The Turbo Stroker
Kama Sutra Bliss
NEW Kinky Designs!
Toying With Pleasure – Jamye Waxman

Thoughts on Sex and Relationships
Emotional Sex is Too Much Work – Who Does She Think She Is?!
More Precious Than Flattery
One way, not the other – why don’t women get eaten out more?
Potential, Real

Sex Advice & Interviews
4 Advanced Cunnilingus Techniques
5 tips to being a sexy ‘cougar’
“Dancing With Werewolves” an Interview with Spanking Superstar Niki Flynn

Erotic Writing and Experiences
The Alley: Man working abroad
Almost a Zipless Fuck
HNT: Rehabilitation IV – The Return of the Cake!
In the Laboratory
The list of notches on my bedpost
More MILF (Men I’d Like To Fuck)
Sugarbutch Star: Jefferson
A train experience
What it feels like for a girl…who wants to make another girl come

NSFW Pics & Videos & Audio
Audio: Red Wine Seduction
A Busy HNT
Leg Language by Andrew Blake
Peek-a-Boo Map
Pornsaint Kayla Jane Danger
Tiang Fang – White
Veronica (MC Nudes)