…I need to remind myself I’m not dreaming.

..we’ll be cuddling early in the morning and I want to wake her up just so she can feel how amazing it is. I don’t though, because I value my life.

..she looks at a woman and points out how much fun it would be for Sade to fuck her while my cock is in her mouth.

…her understanding and patience with me make me feel like an asshole because I probably wouldn’t have any for me if I was her.

..after I wake her up with oral and sex I wish she’d go back to sleep so I could wake her up again.

…she calls me an animal when we’re having sex and I have to remind myself that she means it in a good way.

…the hardest thing to do is to stop myself from having an orgasm when she’s having one.

…her laugh sends shivers up my spine.

…she’ll say something dirty just as I’m thinking the same thing.

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A few of these sound familiar. And a few others I can easily imagine.