She’s Asleep

I wake up before she does.

I cuddle with her for a while, one arm draped over her and my face buried in the back of her neck smelling her skin. I squeeze her and she lets out a very faint and sleepy moan. After an hour I start to get antsy. I want to get up and make her breakfast, wake her up with kisses or…or anything.

I try to slip away but she has a firm grasp on my arm. I gently whisper in her ear. Somewhere in her dreamworld she hears me, smiles and lets go of my arm and I slip away, kissing her arm, then her legs then her feet as I crawl out of bed as carefully as possible.

Getting dressed as quietly as I can I slip out the door without waking her. Outside of her apartment it’s a swarm of people. So many people walking slower than molasses would normally bother me but I’m in a pretty good mood. Waking up and setting off to get breakfast for the woman who owns me always has me beaming.

Twenty minutes later I’m back, quietly unlocking the door and sneaking in. I’m just about to start breakfast when I see her there. Still sleeping and looking way too inviting for me to start in the kitchen.   

It’s at this moment that I debate myself:

“The submissive thing to do would be to have breakfast waiting for her when she wakes up but I may be too loud in the kitchen and I’ll wake her up before she’s ready to get up. If I crawl back in bed with her it will be for purely greedy reasons. It’s just because I want to feel my naked body next to hers and cuddle again. Hmm what to do what to do?”

The debate doesn’t last long. I quietly put the bags down at the foot of the bed and seconds later my clothes are lying next to them.


Finally content that has replaced whinging with happiness. I’m happy on your behalf.

More of this please!

*grins* That’s adorable!
(and sometimes it’s fine to be selfish… but then I’m a huge cuddle-slut… 😉

sweet 🙂

I reinnerate how happy i am for you… I will be finding a happy moment myself soon.
With wishes of Joy and Luck