Shave And A Haircut

The Sweet And Lowdown has a post up about how men should shave their junk.

It’s a question I’ve asked many of my female friends. While a few prefer a guy who looks like Chewbacca, most have said trimmed or shaved. The ones who said they preferred a guy who was trimmed, also seemed ok with a guy who was shaved.

And so, I shave.

There are a few who are repulsed by the idea of a guy without any hair down there.

“Ugh, the last thing I want is a man who looks like a 15 year-old boy” was how one woman put it.

Imagine, literally shaving years off your age.   

When it comes to women (not that you asked), I prefer shaved as well. After all, if all is right with the universe, my mouth will be spending a lot of time in that area and the less hair, the better I can do my job.


Hm, if you look like an adolescent downstairs after shaving your balls, I don’t think the lack of hair is the main issue.

I really enjoy watching my lover step out of the shower. He doesn’t shave at all (except his face), nor does he trim his hair. I love seeing the little ringlets that form in his pubic hair when he hasn’t dried off yet. It makes me want to grab them and twirl them through my fingers (which I sometimes do until he becomes too ticklish).

I do admit that, after he dries off, it’s just not as fun.

I wouldn’t mind a guy who was trimmed or completely shaved. I’d probably notice, make a comment or two, and then get completely distracted by some other part of his fine body.

Thinking about it further, however, it would make age-play more realistic, and I find that idea quite appealing. Hmm.

The first time I shaved I did find it looked childish and it freaked me out a little. I’ve since grown so used to seeing myself like that… Maybe it’s the same with a partner. Just a question of getting a bit used to it.

Congratulations on finding the perfect pair of Converse. I didn’t know they were made in leather. That’s hot.

PS: Hope you didn’t shave for nothing.

I prefer unshaven, but I’m dating a redhead who is red from the top of his head to the tips of his toes and I find the ginger to be incredibly sexy wherever it grows.

The Difference,

P.S. Why not wax it off? A beautiful woman spreading warm wax on you, laying a piece of cloth across it, smoothing it down, and then ripping it right off.

Given how much I like to decorate the manparts with rope, leather, and such, I prefer shaved balls, trimmed pubes. Full nekkid is somewhat disconcerting, but I’m as used to it as anything else.

For guys I think fully-shaved down there is a bit girly. But it’s always a good idea to have a bit of a trim down there for two reasons 1) makes your cock look a big bigger, 2) makes you look less like an old man. (I am, in fact, an old man so I care about this).

As for women.. I like to see what I’m eating. And I think now when I see unshaved pussy it reminds me too much of grainy 70s porn. I wish I didn’t think this.

One other thought about woman and shaving/waxing/trimming. The most appealing thing about it, to me anyway, is that it tells me that the woman in question is at least thinking about her genitals (we men always think about our cocks) and knows that there’s a decent chance of being laid.
Enthusiasm counts for a lot.

Meh, not the shaving thing!

While I understand the desire not to pick hair from your teeth all night, I know too much about how shaving can become extremely non-sexy in a woman. Rash, exema, sore skin… shaving removes the protective thin outer layer, and leaves an already at-risk area so much more vulnerable. Waxing may be slightly better, but it still leaves the skin tender and with a lot of tiny little wounds where the hair has been ripped out.

As for men? I like My men looking like men, hair and all, but it may be practical to shave the balls for bondage.

Cinder, I agree. Shaving? Either a yawn or a hellish chore. I actively choose to let my pubic hair grow; it’s not a choice I make from neglect, or because I don’t get laid. I take care of myself, I get laid when I wish, and I like my hair.

The other day my lover grabs my balls and says “If you were a girl, I’d trim you here. Maybe I will anyway.” But even still, for her it was a gendered thing. For me it’s a D/s thing. In my own mental prejudices…not having being shorn…I see pubic hair as a privilege and so I associate it with dom(me)s, and I feel a little weird about it myself.

It depends on the submissive’s body type and hair type. Some men can sport a decent looking bush, while others need to keep their shit trim. Since shaving has too much potential for ingrown hairs, I prefer that submissives trim instead. Clusters of tiny red bumps in the groin region is definitely NOT sexy!

I think submissive men tend to think women want us smooth and shaved down below when it’s actually just a preference issue and in the end, we should do what she wants… it’s her property after all.



Waxing is the solution.

For both sexes.

I think being shaved is waaay hot! Maintenance shaving is a chore, especially around the back porch.

While it kinda stokes my submissive spirit to shave, I get very lazy and can go for months without doing it.

While Ally talked about loving ginger, recently I realized that charitably I might be regarded as snow-capped. 🙁

I decided it was time for a trim … 😉

Ouch, waxing! I let a friend do my…ahem…undercarriage once. Never again! The pain nearly had me hanging off the ceiling by my fingernails!

I do wax my legs and shave other parts [I am female BTW]. I prefer my guys on the hairy side, but I’m okay with a shaved/trimmed pubic area.