Sade After A Conversation About Wedding Planning

Us loving each other doesn’t cost anything.  Why does it cost us so much for others to love us loving each other?


It’s crazy isnt it. Wedding costs are huge and the last thing a young couple needs to start out together.

My wife and I planned a lovely wedding, hire a barn, get a caterer who could do a BBQ, and a band. Simple stuff and great fun but much cheaper than a normal wedding.

Of course the idea never made it passed the in laws! Just not ‘traditional’ enough.

Hope you guys find your path, do it your way and don’t feel pressured into what others feel makes it right. They will love your day regardless.

I don’t really want to get married but I do want a ceremony at some point. I think a potluck style wedding of sorts would be a lot of fun. If my family wants to throw money at me and my relationship they can help me buy a house or something sustainable. Luckily my family would probably be okay with something less traditional. Hopefully 😉