Remote Control

Someone emailed me a link to DreamLover Labs last week and I’ve been thinking about the possibilities.

Here’s what they claim:   “DreamLover Labs is committed to bringing the full power of today’s miniaturized sensors, actuators and microcontrollers to the world of sensual power exchange. DreamLover Laboratories offers high tech male management devices for playful and/or serious cerebral power exchange and sensual dominance.”

They don’t have anything for sale yet but it looks like their main product is a converted chastity device combined with the technology of a electronic dog collar.


It’s an interesting concept. Getting a jolt of correction from a push of a button. The biggest negatives seem to be that it only works from a short distance and there’s no way to bring pleasure. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get either correcting pain or teasing pleasure from one device?

The benefits of the device as they claim:

-Hands-free discipline (personally I like hands on too though)

-Slashes training time (What’s normal training time????)

-Instant behavior correction and attitude adjustment in any situation (Try not to use while make is performing open-heart surgery)

-Completely stealth operation possible

-Complements the effects of chastity on male behavior control

-Longer attention span, increased receptiveness, increased output (Where was this when I was in school??)

-Overclock your male now!   


I have trained many canines and never resorted to a electronic dog collar. I actually think they are wretched devices but that of course is because dogs do what dogs instinctly do without cognitive thought.
An electronic chastity devices has possibilities as males of the human variety are much more difficult to train than those of the canine species. 😉

This is stupid and the site’s tone is either belying the manufacturer’s ignorance or their marketing savvy. In either case, it’s a fanciful idea that should remain in the realm of fantasy. That’s not to say you shouldn’t purchase the thing if you want to play with electrical stuff, but you I wouldn’t expect this thing to be useful in “male management” contexts.

Oh my Goddess, I want one.
Not so much because I think it would be useful for “training” (I train horses and dogs for fun, men are just a slightly smarter/more challenging addition), but because I totally adore the concept of being able to use it when the whim strike me.