Reader Suggestion: Go Gay

I’m always thankful when I get helpful advice from someone. Most of the time the advice is helpful, other times:

“I’m a bisexual sub in Manhattan. The gay scene is a total 180 from the hetero scene. The clubs are filled with attractive men and there are always some very hot scenes. I don’t go to straight events anymore. “

“….I get the best of both worlds. Some Dommes will only date bi-guys so I do have an advantage there but mostly I date vanilla girls but I get my BDSM from the guys. Dude, you have got to go gay. Let me know and I can introduce you. They would eat you up”.

I did ask him if I could repost this and I’ll tell you what I told him.

I’m flattered for the offer and thankful that he took the time to give me advice. The thing is, I wish I could, but I just love vaginas too much.

Oh vaginas, why do you have to be so good?

This does give me an idea though, I could alway go to a gay BDSM club and just ask every guy I see if he has a sister.


That is really strange advice. Not to say I haven’t heard it before. Just throws me back a bit every time, what with the assumption that sexuality is sort of like a portable Post-It note you can just stick on people.

I both agree and disagree. “Go gay” is, of course, just idiotic. However, exploring BDSM with men is not necessarily the same thing. It depends on what you want/need out of your submission. Many people can separate submission and sexuality, and for someone like that who isn’t particularly homophobic then playing with/subbing to someone of the same sex might work well for them if they can’t find a dominant partner of the opposite sex.

hahaha. that was hysterical. i wish i could be a lesbian all the time. one of my best friends is bi. shes incredibly hot and sweet and we are adorable together. she said as soon as i get over the not liking vagina thing, to let her know.

Axe, sweetheart, don’t go gay.


Ah, I say the same thing about my self. If only I didn’t love the cock so much, I’d just stick with women. Oh cock, how can I block that siren’s call?

Well, what can I say, two guys look just so hot together… And all I’d do with your ass anyway would be to leave ugly marks on it.

Now, thinking about that, I think it’s just as well you’re not gay. Less competition for the select few 😉

i liked your little ode to vaginas there.

I always get a chuckle from that kind of stuff. If only it were that easy. It’s the same as saying “go vanilla” or “cheer up”

These are emotional things. It’s not like we’re ordering food here. “I’ll take a curvy brunette with a side of Peking duck and an appetizer order of the gay sampler. I’ll be paying by credit card.”