Please Explain….

From a profile on collarme:

“I am a dominant woman who likes men that are out of control. I come from a religious Jewish background. I have a fetish for LEGITIMATE antisemitic men who are willing to submit to me. Bonus for skinheads or kkk or membership to anygroup like that. Prison records and recovering adicts are also a plus. Blue collar workers, rough around the edges young looking and thin are a must. You dont need to still be a complete mess…..but I need that in your past.

I am cute and thin (size 6) gym figure, pretty face and looking for young (under age 30) serriously real antisemitic, for humiliation play, lifestyle controls and ….possible ownership for the right person. Lets just say I have a fetish for extracting submission from people that out of control and may even hate me. No “yes mistress” types please…..I only get off on the reality of topping people who are really ambivalent about their surrender to me. Hate me, resent me….but do it from my feet and hate yourself more for your descent”

Can someone please explain this to me???



Oh, I get it. She must be a recent graduate of the Max Mosley School of BDSM.


To rephrase, she is looking for someone who is “willing” to be “not willing” to submit to someone of an ethnic group they authentically feel is beneath them?


I don’t think she likes men. I think she wants one to try to beat her up so she’s got an excuse to beat him senseless instead. Why else would she want a man who would loose control of his temper to begin with…and why else would she want him to hate himself if she did manage to get him to submit.

I am not usually so sweeping in my judgments on such things. To each his own kink…but that’s just scary.

I can see this sort of thing from a fantasy perspective but it seems a bit alarming that she is looking for an actual skinhead.



Yeah I got nothin’.

Aside from the extra r means she is extra serious. Wow that just makes me sad.

uh…well…she is one angry woman. I wonder if she really gets off on it or if she is just using BDSM as a way to legitimize a violent crime…

I think this is another to file under “there’s a fetish for everything”

IDK, but if I were a small Jewish woman, the last thing I would want is to attempt to top a large, antisemetic skinhead ex con. But that’s just me.

This is definitely a new one to me. I can understand the idea of humiliation play based on the submissive partner being from an “inferior” race/class/whatever. But, as a dominant woman, I can’t imagine wanting to be around someone who actually hates people of my ethnicity. It sounds like a recipe for disaster.

She really, REALLY likes resistance play?

If I had to guess, I’d speculate generally about “issues” (you’re shocked, I know). I’d further speculate about self destructive behaviour and anger issues, using kink as an excuse. She says she’s looking for men who are “out of control”, but she’s very specific about who she wants them to be and what she wants them to do. So I’m thinking that actually she’s the one out of control, and that she’s seeking men who will consent to her being out of control. I suspect she is “out of control” angry at anti-semitism and anti-semites.

I think she might be seeking guys who are desperately horny enough to let her get out-of-control angry and violent with them. She says she doesn’t need them to be a complete mess, but I think she’s the one who is likely to be a complete mess.

A kinky person who is a complete mess? On the internet?

Who knew.

I don’t find this any weirder than other people’s kinks, especially as represented on collarme. She seems to have slightly mixed fantasy with reality, insofar as I wouldn’t advise trying to find an actual neo-nazi to tangle with, but the fantasy itself – forcibly topping someone who hates your kind – seems like one of the predictable combinations of fantasy that someone would have.

So, say there’s a guy out there with a skinhead background (or who just looks like a skinhead and can dress the part), who fantasizes about being forced to submit to someone he despises (but loves/desires at the same time?) I can easily imagine the existence of such a person. Sounds like a workable match.

Dude, when I worked in a house, I got people who clearly had issues with thinking that I was below them because I was black. (Hence, my current independent status.)

And as someone else says, she’s a small lady. Unless she uses a loaded gun in her scenes, this sounds like a dangerous idea for her.

i would just love to psychoanalyze her. lol

i think she is looking for someone who will pretend to fight off her domination.

you know how some “rape” porn doesn’t seem like rape at all, since the “victim” seems much too willing? she wants it to seem real.

the struggle is probably exiting for her, but obviously most men can beat her up so she need people who can act the part.

Okay…here’s my take…she is woman wanting to control the prejudices she has experienced as a Jewish woman using BDSM as the means to do it.
I don’t think she is angry. I think she is projecting a fear, of violence against her, into BDSM and using domination as a means to conquer that fear within a controlled enviroment, an environment she creates, controls and is the authority figure within.
The criteria she sets for her “submissive” are most likely the qualities she has determined to be the stereotype for her fear; a skinhead to someone who is not Jewish, is just a guy with a shaved head, a bad sense of style and an unhappy childhood. To a small Jewish woman a skinhead evokes fear.
Psychologically, I think she is seeking her fear embodied in her submissive. A submissive would only respond to such an profile if he was already conflicted in his antisemitism.
A true antisemitic person wouldn’t even consider submitting to a Jewish Domme, it would repulse him to such a degree that it wouldn’t matter if he was submissive, he simply would not engage based on his core antisemitic beliefs.
So, if a male antisemitic submissive does respond, it is because he is seeking out a Domme due to his own struggles with his beliefs.
How better to find clarity than to be guided by a Domme that will challenge one’s beliefs?
How better to conquer a fear than to challenge it from a dominant position?

I never get it when someone involves religion in their sexual escapades, especially when one isn’t looking for commitment, but that’s just out there.

Ellie had to go and say “fantasy” and now I think it would be pretty hot to take down a man in a Nazi uniform.

Back to the ad though…as fantasy anything can be hot to the right people, but to paraphrase a great BDSM teacher: BDSM is therapeutic, it is not therapy. Do your work outside the dungeon.

Sounds kinda hot. I’d be willing to roleplay with her, but I’m not actually antisemitic. I think she’s looking for something more authentic. I’m a submissive hetero male, and the thought of being dominated by a woman I don’t find attractive has a certain appeal… that way it would be really degrading instead of play acting. For some of us, the humiliation is what we really get off on.

It’s about narcissism–“Show me how much you are willing to endure to be in my presence. So that I can admire myself.”

Usually the Domme’s beauty and superiority are demonstrated through the other’s acceptance of pain. Or humiliation. Here it’s self-loathing.

You ask what kind of woman would seek this experience.

What kind of man would?

I am from a orthodox jewish background, and am looking for a real relatinship with a dominant woman.
I am not yet submissive, but it excites me to live with a wife that disciplines and maks me fear her.

I do not think something clicks per se. I note that when I go to events I am one of the younger people there too. It sucks if you are young and figure it out I guess. The advent of the internet helps, that is if you use it to find munches and not troll online. I think a lot of it has to do with acceptance and also that some people do not have the nerve to show up to a meeting alone. I know I was a bit nervous showing up when I was a sub male. I find some Top Males to be dickheads. Not all, some.

As far as the Domme getting stood up thing goes . . . well, I am going to be perfectly honest. I am not certain what it is like in NYC. More people, would mean more variety. In the few states I have been to, one of the issues (whether men are willing to openly admit it or not)is that there is a dearth of Top women and the ones who are there, are fat. Look, I am by no means saying women should be skinny and model like. No. I like normal women. But there is an overwhelming majority of top women who are not just fat, they are obese. They are obese to the point where you kind of have to be into that to find it attractive. As a sub we get pulled between the desire to serve even though we aren’t all that attracted. Now, Top males may be just as obese in number . . .I am not certain. I don’t recall seeing it as often, but maybe I was not paying attention in my life. The other issue is that sub men tend to be creepers. They can be married and looking to get dominated but their wives or girlfriends are unwilling etc.

She sounds like someone I would love to meet? WENDY, if you would like to try it I’m available? You never know what you’re missing till you try it!!!!

I think I would like to try and explain it to you while naked on my knees in front of you????