The New Dating App For Kinksters Made By Non-Kinksters

There’s a new dating app being marketed to those of us less than vanilla.  Whiplr bills itself as Tinder for kinky people or “Messenger with Kinks: Find a play partner”.    First off I think it’s great that there are more services being marketed to those in the kink scene.  That being said the app has a few flaws that make me think it wasn’t made by someone in the scene or at least I don’t think they asked anyone in the know about some of the aspects of the app.

The first red flag is one of the screenshots

whiplr app screenshot

They clearly don’t know what sounds are in the kink scene.   Now sure you can gather by context that they mean auditory stimulation, no doubt indicating they’re a fan of Randy Newman or like to fuck while listening to Pet Sounds Sessions.  But what if you’re actually into sounds?

Another is the price.  In order to have unlimited messaging and other bells and whistles you’ll need to shell out $19/month.  Seems pretty steep but then again I’m spending all my money on gold plated sounds to afford it.

Perhaps the biggest red flag for me is how they refer to Fifty Shades of..fuck I’m not even going to finish typing it.  If they were in the scene and wanted to be taken seriously wouldn’t they avoid mentioning it in their app description or marketing material?

It’s like when someone’s talking to me about computers and tries to make it sound like they’re an expert and when I ask what OS they use they say “OS EX” instead of saying “OS Ten” .  Immediately I know they’re not an expert.

Then again I haven’t even downloaded it so I may be completely wrong.  I’m literally judging a book by it’s cover.

Here’s the marketing video.