I’m Wrong For Thinking This Wrongness Is So Right

After seeing this story from Sweden, I immediately wanted to buy a Huffy and head to Stockholm:

“Swedish cops are on the look-out for a quintet of tattooed girls who dragged a 50-year-old man off his bicycle, pulled down his trousers and smalls and “sexually molested” the poor bloke.
The incident happened on 8 July in Örebro, central Sweden, the Aftonbladet newspaper reports. One of the gang – described as 5′ 7″ tall and with “tattoos on her forearms” – grabbed his bike’s rack and brought the victim to the ground.
Having had their evil way, the five assailants made good their escape. The man was “not otherwise beaten or physically assaulted”.

I told this story to a few people, made the comment on how I wanted to be that guy and was accused of being sexist by one friend in particular.

“Would you feel the same way if it was a woman riding a bike and a gang of tattooed men molested her?”

No, of course I wouldn’t that would be wrong.


Because it’s different. It just is. I know it’s not supposed to be different, but it’s different.

It’s the same thing when a high-school teacher seduces a student. If the student is a female it’s sick and wrong, if the student is male then he’s the luckiest SOB in school.


Fuck if I know, it just is.

Now the Swedish bike story takes on a different tone if the man is gay. Then gang of tattooed women are sick and wrong again.

Now you may be asking why the guy reported to the police. Good point. Well first of all this may be one of the few times where the guy wouldn’t want to be molested by a gang of women. Maybe he wasn’t attracted to them. This brings us to an important life lesson for all of those gangs of tattooed women out there: Always ask your potential molestee if he finds you attractive

Another reason why he may have reported it to the cops: Afterwards he searched and searched for them but couldn’t find them so he hoped the police would help him find them…to do it agian. After all, maybe they didn’t leave their contact information. I’ve never been molested by a gang of Swedish women, but one would think it’s customary to leave an email address at least.

Another reason to report it to the cops? After having been molested by a gang of Swedish women, it’s common for men to want to brag to as many people as possible. What better way to spread the word than by reporting it to the police, who report it to newspapers, who put it on line and is read by jealous kinky submissive men in Manhattan who write about it on their blogs.

Interesting fact: The town crier job was how men would broadcast their sexual conquests before the internet was invented. In fact, that’s how the job started in the first place. That’s how “Hear ye, hear ye! I just had a threeway with Lady Fairchild and Duchess Winthorp” became such a popular phrase.

Where was I? OH, why it’s a double-standard that this story makes me hard and the opposite makes me angry.

Yeah, I don’t know. But I’m starting The Rehabilitation Center for Tattooed Swedish Female Gangmembers.


I don’t think sexism has anything to do with it. You wouldn’t wish it on anyone, you just want it to happen to you!

If it were a story of a girl being raped by a gang of tattooed bikers, fuck I’d feel bad for her, but I’d certainly volunteer to take her place!

We’re all entitled to our fantasies and it doesn’t lessen the seriousness of the bad things that happen to people.

An old man walks into a church, and goes for a confession. The priest pulls back the window, and the old man says: “Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I am 80 years old and I was walking home from the library the other day and two college girls stopped their car and said they were on spring break and needed directions and we got into a discussion and they offered
to drive me home.”

And the priest said “I understand. Please continue.”

So the old man explained “Well, on the way one of them asked me the last time I’d had sex and I told them it had been years and she said would I like to have some fun and before I knew it the three of us were in my apartment and I had the most magnificent sex for two nights and the day between and they’re still there waiting for me and promised they’d show me things I never even knew a man and woman could do. And that’s why I’ve come to confession.”

And the priest asks, “When was the last time you went to confession?”

So the old man says, “Actually, this is the first time.”

And the priest says, “You’re 80 years old and this is your first confession? Why now?”

So the old man says, “Because I’m Jewish.”

And the priest asks, “In that case, why are you telling me?”

So the old man says, “Are you kidding? I’m 80 years old — telling everybody.”

Sorry, it was the first thing that popped into my head when I read this. I promise not to give up my day job.

I feel the same way as Avah. Context determines our reactions to any given situation that we hear about. There’s a scene in the movie “Romance” where the female lead gets an offer to be eaten out by a stranger. She gives in. He then surprises her by turning her over and fucking her. I think it’s really hot, even though the situation is portrayed as her being molested… and I think it’s hot because I think being in that situation, I’d think it was hot.

I don’t think it’s an especially sexist comment. It’s about you having a specific fantasy of sexual assualt, whilst at the same time recognising that *actual* abuse of that nature would be wrong.

Me, I have rape fantasies. I like rape play. I’d like someone with a van to pick me off the street, bundle me in the back and kidnap me to have his wicked way with me. Because in my head it’s as safe as houses (and thrilling, and hot as all hell), and totally controlled because *it’s in my head*

Similarly, when I’ve done rape play it’s been in with someone I knew and trusted.

It’s one thing to say that you would want to be molested by a group of Swedish women, and another thing entirely to say that if it happens to a heterosexual man it isn’t rape. Or that it’s only rape if he doesn’t find them attractive. Or whatever. The fantasy, as a consensual fantasy, is hot. The act, perpetrated non-consensually, is wrong. I know a man who lost his virginity when a woman got him drunk and forced herself on him. He was traumatized. He was raped. Even if most teenage boys would have considered themselves lucky to have some hot girl throwing themselves at them looking for sex.

I completely agree with Rona.

Wow, not sure how to even begin to unpack this post but it is a sexist comment – you’re saying that women (especially ~*attractive*~ women) are somehow incapable of traumatizing or terrorizing men… which is completely dismissive both of the role of the woman as someone imposing a violent nonconsenual act on someone (women are just sexualized objects and anything beyond that role just doesn’t compute to me!) and the victim (male victims rarely report sex crimes to begin with, so I doubt this was just a playful fun way of the guy bragging) and uh sexist, so your friend is correct. Also you’re assuming that nonconsensual rape is exclusively about sexual attraction (how do you know the sexuality of the male victim? why immediately assume he’s straight? or the attackers were straight also?).

Wow, what the hell. Not sure when stories about an actual rape became fodder for the lulz.

I would say fantasy of being molested by five Swedish women = fantasy, okay.

Assumption that all heterosexual men are attracted to all women, always and therefore ‘they wanted it’ and cannot be harmed = needs to be examined.

The story sounds like rape to me, and while something similar in a fantasy context might be hot, in reality the situation is completely different.

Maybe the guy’s married and wanted to remain faithful to his wife? Or something.

Nice use of ‘smalls’.

I’m with Rona. Getting off on a story, even a true story, that has to be fine, or else we’ve got the thought police. But to suggest…and c’mon Axe, you kind of are…that because a story gets you off, it has some bearing on the ethics of what went down. That’s bad news.

Of course women can rape het men. I’ve spent like four days solid trying to ditch a women who wanted to score me, and if she had tied me down and fucked me–hot as that would be in the abstract–it would have been rape in the particular. We have to be able to make this distinction. I think the problem is that we as a society are freaked out by the concept of “sexy rape,” although we’re saturated in it. Rhett and Scarlett? Sexy rape. Harrison Ford and the replicant in Blade Runner? Sexy rape. And so on.

Gotta call it like it is.

Dear Orlando,

Thank you.

I’ve been trying to explain to my partner (who believes that every woman has a rape fantasy) the difference between being dragged into a van and being tossed over a shoulder to be carried upstairs. You’ve organized what I’ve tried to say into one sentence, gave the thought such a clear label, and you’ve given me easy comparison to use. Thank you, very kindly.


The difference between rape and rape fantasy is  consent.

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