Wanting Your Opinion

So I’ve been debating on wether or not I should put a tiny advertisement on the blog. Nothing big of course. The big question is how you’d feel about it.

I’ve been approached by a few sex-toy companies and a friend has told me she makes some cash off of the porn ads she has on her blog, but I’m just not sure if it’s something right for this blog or not.

Someone else suggested a donation button but based on my experience on the podcast website, that’s not something that people trust to use what with identity theft and all.

Another friend suggested I make a members only section to this blog with photos and video. That feels kinda silly to me since I couldn’t honestly ask someone to pay to see photos not to mention I’d have to invest in a bearskin rug to lay on and there’s no fireplace in my apartment and if I start putting videos up I’d feel pressure to perform and my monthly lube budget would go through the roof and…..

So the easy answer to help pay for the costs of the podcast and maybe even get a few dollars in beer money seems to be putting up a little ad. Maybe an ad for porn, maybe sex toys, maybe…well….I haven’t thought that far yet.

First things first I wanted to know what you thought of the whole idea first?

Put up an ad? Quit my bitching about costs and shut up and blog already?


Sure, put up an ad, why not? Doesn’t bother me.

I say go for it. I’m very happy you’re blogging, and even happier you’re podcasting (Masocast has been helping me a lot), and would donate myself if I had any cash right now.

Won’t bother me a bit, and I think everyone understands that we’re all broke and could use some extra cash ๐Ÿ™‚

my opinion would be no “adult” adds. would it be possible to have a subscription site with no adds as an alternative?

in prepping for “the discussion” with my nilla wife i found your blog yesterday. last night we read parts of it together and had a wonderfully productive conversation. if there were adult adds she would not have even looked at it.

due to other issues, the workup to the conversation has taken amlost two years. you blog is the most sincere expression of D/s i’ve encountered in that time. as such it’s a fantastic resource. i’m afraid adult adds will raise a barrier and reduce it’s credibility for some folks.

You deserve to be compensated for your creative output. I think you should put ads here and in your excellent podcast.

“Put up an ad?”


“Quit my bitching about costs and shut up and blog already?”


sex toy ads would make sense.

Yes, put up an ad–hopefully in the whole blue/black/purple (heh!) thing you have going on. If it’s unobtrusive, I will still read you. Oh heck, I will anyway, but still.

PS, I’m too lazy to re-comment on a different post, but are you going to grow your hair so people can pull it more easily? Because that would be hot.

I agree that you should do what you think best, more funding for an amazing podcast is a good reason

Go for the toy ad. You might even get to test drive a few and write reviews. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Go for it! People who mind ads tend to have an adblocker.

Dear Axe,

You should.

Please choose carefully. If it is a company you trust and would reccomend to others, then endorse them through advertisements.


By all means…………put up the ad ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, accept ad offers. Why should we lazy-ass perverts get entertained by you for free? I don’t wanna pay you, but I think you deserve for someone to!


I think actual ads are fine. It’s “advertorial” content on blogs that I find annoying (toy reviews and such).