I Wish I Were Bi

There’s a new website for bi-women who want to meet other bi-women. Why isn’t there a place for hetero guys to meet bi-women? Oh yeah, there is. It’s in my daydreams.

More and more dominant women seem to be looking for a bisexual guy.

If you’ve ever read Wendy’s blog you’ll know what I mean.

It seems that those who aren’t looking for a bi guy, do enjoy the idea of forcing their submissive to be intimate with another guy.

Sure, I get that. It’s a sign of control, of power that you have over someone.

Can’t the same thing be done by “forcing” a guy to go down on her hot friend from college instead? Pretty please?

Once someone tried to tell me that there’s no difference between strap-on play and a Domme having a guy fuck her sub in front of her. As someone who enjoys strap-on play I can say there’s a biiiiiiiig difference.

A woman once asked me if I would kiss a guy for her. This was a hard question to answer because I couldn’t imagine saying no to her. I told her something along the lines of “weeeeeeellll ummmm eeeeeshh bleeech…if you REALLY REALLY REEEEEEALY wanted me to..”.

I wondered if I could have a bottle of scope nearby for afterwards.

It’s not that I’m homophobic. If she had asked me if she could play with me and another guy at the same time I would have been all for it.

There’s another thing to it. If i were to do that, that would be it. She’d own me. I couldn’t go back. I would have shown her that there was nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

I always hear of submissive guys who bring up “forced bi” scenes. It’s just a way for them to live out their fantasies of being with another guy without saying they’re bi. They can fall back to “hey I was forced”.

Sure, I get it. I felt the same way about strap-on play at first. “Well, if she ties me up, then fucks me, then I’d have no choice would I? Yum! “

There’s another benefit that being bi would bring.


I’ve been to a number of events where guys have made comments like:

“Hey if you can’t find a woman to spank you hard enough, you know where to go”.

One guy actually said “I can introduce you to a Domme but you’ll have to audition for me first”.

I can only guess that he wanted to hear my impersonation of the godfather.


I know what you’re going through. I could handle sharing my mistress with another guy, doing a MFM threesome or D/s scene — but I just have zero interest in being with another man. I can appreciate other men being handsome, other men being sexy, but there’s just zero-attraction.

And there is a massive difference between strap-on play between a woman and a man and two guys having sex. I don’t think a lot of vanilla people get that unless they’ve tried it, but it’s its own thing. No matter how many times I get pegged, I still don’t find sex with a man hot, anymore than me going down on my wife pushed her any closer to bisexuality or lesbianism.


Can I just say I hate forced bi? Forced bi is just….ick. Its the same, for me, as fucking a guy who doesn’t actually want to be fucked, and is just doing it to shut me up. I want people to do things because they *want* to do things. I want two guys to play because they want to play. I want to use my cock/hands/whatever because they’re a welcome addition to play, not reluctantly, not even in play reluctance.

And, my hands down hottest favourite anal play partner? Straight. Just sayin’. Because there is a difference between my cock and a boys cock, mainly, mine is attached to me. And liking to get reamed in the ass by a chick doesn’t mean you want it from a boy.

Also, bisexuality doesn’t necessarily mean ‘options’. I’m bi, and I don’t play or sleep with many women. For whatever reason, I’m rather more finicky about women than men. mandoms might be easier to find, but that doesn’t mean you’ll like ’em any more than some of the femdoms you’ve met.

And, in my defense, I have *always* liked bisexual men. From when I was 13 years old. Really. Not just since I started identifying as a top, or anything else. Not just because I think two guys are hot together, but because there is an understanding and camaraderie there that there isn’t always there with straight men, IMO. Its not the same.
Not that that rules out straight boys. Most of the men I’ve dated have been straight. All but one, actually. Its just a preference. Like my liking for tall men. Just coz I have a particular attraction to men over six foot doesn’t mean I’m gonna rule out a guy who’s 5’2”.

Anyway, IMO, I don’t think you should want to manifestly change part of yourself just because you think dominant women want you to be that way. Yes, you may want to service and submit to a woman to make her happy, and fulfill her wants and needs, but that doesn’t mean you should or need to change any fundamental part of yourself.
You need to accept and be happy with you who are first. (Trust me on this. I’m a fat chick. We figured this out years ago.)

Monosexuals are weird. 🙂

Actually, no, they’re not. It’s just that I’m so thoroughly bisexual that this post made me scratch my head a lot and go “really?” because it’s so outside my experience.

Eh. I don’t really get the Forced Bi thing. The sight of two really cute guys just makes me want to figure out how to get them both kissing ME.

Hey I’m BI well somewhat depending on the setting. No seriously I am Bi in a bdsm context. But I really don’t need to think about forcing my sub to do anything with a man since I want him to concentrate on me forcing him to do certain things with me.

Now having said that I really am upfront with potential male subs that they will be in situations when my husband and myself got out or are together and they have to show thier submission to me by sitting on the floor while we are on the couch, showing his submission to me even though I might show my submission to my husband. I think this in turns is a little bit harder for a male sub to take. I could be wrong but then again maybe you can explain this better then I.

BTW I missed you, just coming back from BL and some experiences, I am catching up on you.

Axe, I’m kinda turned on your use of the subjunctive tense in “I Wish I WERE Bi” rather than the more colloquial, “I Wish I WAS Bi.” Not enough people use the subjunctive tense anymore. But it’s the tense of desire, or wish. So good job, Axe!

Oh yeah, and “forced bi.” For me, that’s when a submissive boy is like “I’d really love to suck cock, but I’m not sure I could ever bring myself to do it” and then you point to the other boy in the room’s cock and say “Suck his cock” and then the submissive boy does it and loves it. “Forced bi” for me means “a little push” but not making anyone do anything he’d ever be really grossed out about.

Janie: yeah I imagine most forced bi is rarely forced

Having spent years thinking I was strictly gay only to find myself making love a woman I’d like to say that you never know what you are capable of.


The idea of someone being expected to exceed their sexual capability really saddens and disgusts me.

Kitten with a Whip April 20, 2008 at 10:18 pm

I’ve been in various sexual situations over the years and can honestly say that forced-bi would not be my thing. When I’m attached to someone there is just no need to share them; that doesn’t take me over the edge. The man focused on me and me alone DOES.

And besides, you’d be too cute to share!