Search Terms

Funny search terms that lead people to my blog:

big cock sperm donor

batman + femdom

pro dommes expensive

-dream boy bondage


-cheese bad boy

find woman to train woman for anal sex

that femdom spank me way too hard

-that incredibly cool guy who I wants to make my personal sex-toy as I use and abuse him several times a day and he will because my name is Angelina Jolie.

Ok..that last one I made up.


LOL! I’ve had some doozies for search terms for my blog too. Some are real head scratchers, because I haven’t even talked about such a topic sometimes…but they are really fun to read aren’t they?

Baby, your life is a sextravaganza. Or it should be.

I am now fantasizing about you in a Batman (or maybe Robin) costume, serving me cheese and crackers on your knees. I promise I won’t spank you way too hard. Unless you beg.

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