I May Move To Europe

In researching my upcoming trip to europe and my search for kink events to go though, a friend pointed out Club Pedestal in London.

It’s billed as “A playground for the dominant woman, and those who worship her”.

From their website:

“* Pedestal nights primarily provide for the entertainment and enjoyment of dominant women, although no doubt our male guests will be glad they came! The layout of the club is large, spread across multiple rooms, with varying themes.”

See that?? Multiple rooms! Not just one room but a series of rooms.

“* House slaves will be present to serve our female guests, they’ll cater for everything from fetching your drinks, to polishing your boots (shoe shine equipment provided)! House slaves are easily identified by their red collars. Read more about the house slaves or apply to become one on the House Slaves page.”

“Are you serious? Finally may dream of providing service in a variety of different ways to a whole club filled with dominant women.”

“* Dungeon equipment (Infernal Mechanix) is concentrated in a dedicated spacious room, although play is encouraged throughout the venue. Lady K will be on hand for those who’d like assistance.”

Play is encouraged. C’mon New York! I love you but you sound so lame compared to London right now.

“* Chill out and worship areas for relaxing and the gentler pleasures.”

Yeah, I checked and they they won’t be having a party while I’m in Europe this summer.

Why does the UK have something like this and we don’t?

You can see the massive turnout they get on their website. The place is packed.

So why can’t we get something similar here in New York? Maybe there are parties like this but they’re all underground and private.

Are they just more open than we are? Kinkier? Are the women more comfortable

Maybe having a queen changes things.

It’s not just in the U.K. though, all over Europe there are cities much smaller than New York but with a bigger Femdom scene.

Anytime I hear someone say, “America is the greatest country in the world”, I want to point them to the number of dominant women in Europe and tell then to shut the fuck up.


um, have you seen the queen? im pretty sure she had nothing to do with this. margaret thatcher on the other hand . . .

hmm apparently also more submissive men.

England will hopefully be my new home soon. I am making my way across the water. If you want to know more about the scene over there, just hollar. There is also a café in London, called coffee, cake and kink for well… you figure it out.

Oohhh….fun. Interesting website.

Meh. I’m not impressed. Any place with a dress code like that sounds lame to me.

I’m somehow guessing you haven’t actually *been* to fetish events in London. I have not attended this particular party, but there were some stark similarities among many of the parties that I did attend.

Okay, so it’s true that parties in London are filled with female dominants and submissive men. The women are terribly gorgeous and dressed to the nines. Events in New York have rarely come close to being that visually hot.

There’s a big “but” in there though. I have never seen so many women – deliciously gorgeous women – who have no idea how to use their toys. Seriously. The technique is simply awful. I have *never* so much wanted to interrupt a scene, wrench a toy out of the poor top’s hands, and demand whether they’ve ever seen anyone use it the proper way. And, gosh, I’m just not that sort of girl. “Aftercare” is a non-existent concept. Oh, and the parties are also almost always at bars (closed to the public of course) with a ton of alcohol and a good percentage of drunk people.

There really is no perfect scene…and I think this is a whole lot of green grass over yonder.

~ MS

London is great, even without the fetish scene. I’ve not made it to Pedestal, but I did get to Coffee, Cake & Kink, and to a Club Rub event which was a great time. There are frequently fetish fairs, and other events happening, just a matter of doing a bit of looking to find something that fits what you’d like to see and your time frame. I generally have a sub friend that lives there check up on what’s occuring during planned visits and we hit at least one event.

Just one thing… a lot of those women at Pedestal are pros. The place is like a huge pro marketing fair. And of the ones who aren’t pros, pro/am might be a good description for many of them. So the next time you see a gorgeous woman on the arm of a short, older, balding guy in cheap leather jeans and not much else, maybe, just maybe, you might consider why exactly she is with him. Two hundred a night usually covers it.