I Don’t Normally Do This But….

Purple Passion is a BDSM store here in NYC. Hilton (the owner) has been a big supporter of the community, he’s helped promote and even opened a big area of his store from time to time to host classes/demos.

You can read more about the what’s going on Viviane’s blog.

Long story short? The economy sucks. You can help support Purple Passion and by doing so will be supporting many of the sex-positive events that Purple Passion supports by getting some sex toys damnit!

This is the first real advertisement on this blog and I’m doing it without even being asked nor am I getting paid for it. (Odd timing since I just posted about wether or not I should start putting ads up)

So it’s more of a call to action than an advertisement.

In store sale:

30% off leather clothing and leather corsets

20% off everything else.

Sale ends Sat August 15th 2009

No Holds, layaways or other discounts apply.

Just go to Purple Passion and start getting your kink on.

On a more personal note. Purple Passion was the first BDSM store I ever walked into. I was nervous as hell and could barely even look anyone in the eye when I walked in the door. Hilton was working that day and after I could see he wasn’t the kind of guy who I thought would be working at a BDSM store (Don’t ask me what kind of guy I imagined) I felt much more comfortable and…well….normal for being in a BDSM store.


Hm…does this mean I should book a holiday to NYC so I can go shopping there? I like sales!

It’s been *years* since I’ve been to DV8. Alas. I think this definitely warrants a trip. Thanks for the heads-up, especially on sales.

I should ask my nephew and his wife to stop by! Oh, wait…they’re in New York training to be missionaries. Probably not.

Black Sheep Carmen

@axe, thanks for reposting this.

@lilblackdress The store was totally expanded and redesigned last year, and it’s definitely worth a visit!