How It all Started For Me

I first noticed I was attracted to strong woman when I was very young. I saw an episode of Wonder Woman where she tied up a bad guy. I remember wishing I was the bad guy.

I was 6 or 7 years old.

A few months later I saw an episode of the Dukes of Hazzard (yeah yeah yeah..laugh away) where Daisy Duke tied someone up.


I didn’t know what sex was at the time and even though I found girls to be “gross”, I still felt drawn to the idea of a powerful woman putting me in bondage.

From that point on I would sneak away into the barn (yes I grew up on a farm) and would tie myself up. It wasn’t sexual, it was just something I liked doing, but I knew it was something I needed to keep to myself.

The thought of being controlled by women would manifest itself in other ways too. When playing cops and robbers in elementary school, I would always try to make sure I was a robber caught by one of the girl-cops on the other team. I loved it, and didn’t know why.

Many many years later I lost my virginity to two friends of mine. They were in college and I was in high-school. They weren’t dominant the same way I view it now, but they certainly took control over the situation.

Now that I think about it. That was my first and last three-way. I suppose it’s like they say in the movie Superbad. I peaked too early in life, I’m like Orson Wells.

Where was I? Oh yeah

So I was hooked hooked but being in the mid-west you really can’t expect to find too many women who like to control (it’s hard enough in NYC). When I found BDSM online I knew this was who I was.

I met a few dominant women online and it always required driving long distances. A few times I drove 12 hours only to drive right back an hour after meeting the person. Once I drove more than 24 straight hours to spend a weekend with a Domme. I slept more than I played.

Finally, just before turning 30, I said to hell with it and moved to New York.


It was similar for me, only I knew precisely why I liked playing “Pilgrims and Indians” and being the helplessly bound, captured Indian boy….

Also, as an Indian I got to be way closer to naked than I would if I were a robber. 😉

Hee. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only perv from an early age. It’s funny about the bondage — I’ve written about a game I used to play with a childhood friend called “R” for rape, where one of us would abduct the other, lock her in the bedroom, have sex with her, and then, when she tried to escape, grab her and bring her back. I don’t think bondage occurred to us, and besides, we were playing it on the DL (that’s down-low to the midwesterners 😉 while her grandmother watched TV in the living room.

I can’t say which I enjoyed more: being abducted or doing the abducting. I really enjoyed the psychological component of the game, and the idea of being caught and chased and overwhelmed. My friend was actually more sexually sophisticated than me — a stronger “top.”

I loved Wonder Woman too, but I wanted to BE her. I was really fascinated by all the sexual politics in movies and TV in the 70s and 80s. I remember at one point coming to the conclusion that women are not superior to men, but that the current system is WAY too biased in favor of men.

Funny that you should mention Daisy Duke, too. In a way, she’s a great role model for the good-girl slut: a woman who’s not afraid to flaunt her sexuality and still manages to maintain an air of wholesomeness. Plus, with the bondage 🙂

I think your story rings true for a lot of sincere submissive men. We knew at an early age that we enjoyed strong women and it has just stayed with us. I knew as a small child that I liked and responding to female authority. I’m still feeling that way – and it’s much more enhanced.


I saw this photo and thought of you. According to the BMI, this woman is morbidly obese. I just think she’s luscious. Plus, with the Wonder Woman outfit and the shoes.

You said, “[B]eing in the mid-west you really can’t expect to find too many women who like to control (it’s hard enough in NYC).”

Clearly you didn’t know me when I lived in the Midwest. And, I get the impression you don’t know me well enough now. 😉

I’m suspect Wonder Woman had alot to do with making Femdom sexy to innocent young boys. Growing up in the 70s I never missed an episode, there I sat transfixed by this tall powerful woman with her dark hair and deep blue eyes, imagining some way I could “serve” her. At 5 years old I didn’t really know how, but today…I’m still attracted to strong brunettes.

….yup indeed this origin rings soooooo familiar to moi also.

I wasn’t initially attracted to dom women but they seemed to be attracted to me. Every girlfriend I had from 13 to about nineteen was a cruel b****. I can’t remember at what point I began to like it but I remember I hated myself for it. Now I just lie down and enjoy it. I guess those girls could see something in me that I didn’t know was there. I think quite a lot of men might like it if they gave it a try. AS to pegging itsssssssss great.

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[…] first noticed I was attracted to strong women when I was very young,” he writes. “I saw an episode of Wonder Woman where she tied up a bad guy. I remember wishing I was the […]