From Across The Room

It’s the first big party in our new home.

We’re surrounded by our close friends.

She and I are both very happy with the turn out.

While waking back to the kitchen to fetch one of our guests a drink I spot her from across the room.

Normally when we are home she catches me admiring her, smiles and says “what?”.

But now she’s distracted.

She laughs at something one of our guests tells her and I laugh too even though I haven’t a clue what they’re talking about.

I sigh at what a lucky lucky man I am.

Someone approaches me and tells me we have a wonderful home.

“Yes”, I smile. “Home”.


We have that now, too. A happy home. It took a while, but it came.

Congratulations, Axe!

aww congrats! This gave me a big smile, thanks.

Tis wonderful to read such a joyous blog post. Best wishes to you both on this new chapter of your lives.

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