This summer I’m hoping to take a trip to Europe.

I’ve never been, I’m extra super excited.

So I was thinking. Why not make it a kink tour.

Anyone ever been? Suggestions? Places to stay or people to see?

So far I’ve heard Berlin and Amsterdam are the places to go.


Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague.

Berlin is a great city and much more progressive with regard to sex. You could also head into the hinterlands of the Czech Republic and check out OWK. It’s a self-contained village where women rule; naturally, you have to pay for the privilege of staying.


Conny. Thank you. 🙂

John- Thanks as well. Though the thought of visiting OWK has been with me for a loooong time, this trip will need to be on a budget. Hostels and possibly the couch of a friend here and there.

oh..and isn’t it sad when it’s “natural” that one needs to pay for the privilege?

Hi, just stumbled across your site.

I fell in love with Berlin over the Holidays and just got back (to S.F.) from spending another month there. It is not only a very kink-rich city but culturally and artistically vibrant of course as well. Also fairly easy to find inexpensive lodgings and great cheap eats. I’m not so into play parties myself but my friends there say there is a very active scene and it is not at all hard to find out what is going on.

I have to recommend, if you are at all a shoe/boot fetishist, this amazing cobbler. I don’t know if the shop has a name (don’t think so) but the woman who runs it is a true artist and clearly a fetishist herself. She has a beautiful display of both functional shoes and non-functional-sculpture shoes and does a lot of custom work (check out her albums for sure). On a small understated sign in the window it says something like: “I make custom shoes of all types for: British Royalty and Arab Diplomats, Ballerinas and Astronauts, Dominas and Drag Queens.” You can find it right on Manteuffelstrasse at Oranienstrasse which is near Gorlitzer Bahnhof.

Hope you have a great trip!