Don’t Breathe

She was toying with me. Teasing me, hurting me, making me squirm one minute and wince the next.

I was panting heavily. Maybe that’s what gave her the idea.

Without warning she placed her hand over my face and looked deeply into my eyes. At first her eyes burned their gaze to the back of my brain. A look of power, then a look of amusement as a smile came across her face.

Her soft but firm hand pushing down. Not so much to hurt but enough to keep me in my place.

She leaned in and whispered “You don’t breathe until I tell you to breathe.”

While one hand pressed down the other roamed my body. Pinching, flicking, grabbing.

I don’t know how long it lasted. I just remember I didn’t panic at first, I found myself really enjoying the control. I can’t remember if she could tell if I’d had enough by my movements, the sounds I was making or if she simply wanted to show me she could do it and I wouldn’t fight her. Finally her hand was replaced with her lips and she kissed me hard as I caught my breath.

Days later she’d be teasing me again. That smile would return and this time her foot would press into my throat, once again I’d surrender.


hooray! 🙂

i feel funny saying hooray about you being choked, but i think you know that i mean it in the very best way.

Very very sexy.