De-Kinkifying Our Apartment

De-Kinkifying Our Apartment

When we have vanilla guests or a maintenance worker coming over there are a number of steps we take to temporarily and slightly de-kink our apartment.

  • Remove strap on harness from mannequin.
  • Cover painting Sade made of a friend of ours with her slave.
  • Put away any sex toys that have been set out to dry after cleaning
  • Put away whips or floggers that might be hanging from the coat rack.
  • Put toy bag in the closet
  • Close bedroom door (it would be impossible to hide everything in there)

That usually covers the obvious stuff. There are plenty of things left over if someone were to look closely enough.


  • That red painting on the wall was made from erectile blood
  • Naked polaroids on the wall are from a threesome we had with a friend.
  • The mannequin still has ankle cuffs on.
  • Taschen coffe-table books have a surpassingly high number of naked people in them.
  • Giant semi-naked photos of us on the wall taken by our friend Natasha Gornik (blatant namedropping)

There’s plenty more I’m sure but our more vanilla friends haven’t mentioned anything to us (perhaps they’re scared to?) to indicate they find any of it odd.


Wow! I’ve never seen artwork by Sade! I’ve heard about her “jerk-off-journals”, but this painting in erectile blood is just stunning! Congratulations!

I say throw a towel on the mannequin’s strapon and you’re good to go!