Bent Over

She had me bent over, arms tied to bondage points above the door, legs spread wide and my body slightly straining to hold the position but not so much that it was too uncomfortable.

She started by gently stroking my back.  I don’t know if she realizes how much this act calms me.  Sometimes I get nervous at the beginning of play like this.  Years together and I can still feel nervous.  Mostly because I’m worried if I’ll please her, I’m worried that I may not be able to take it for as long as she wants.  I want to make her happy so badly that it messes with my head and psyches me out sometimes.   Her touch helps change that, it helps to remove the worry and turn it into what it should be, about lust and passion and sex and sensuality and about the fuck.

She takes me out of my head.

Sometimes it’s the way she grabs me, the position she puts me in or the way she pulls my head back by my hair.  It could be a smack of my ass or a deep kiss.  I don’t know exactly when it happens but it does.

It’s a matter of just letting go and living in the moment.

One Comment

This is a beautiful description of a lovely moment. It captures the delicate vulnerability and trust necessary for domination, submission…. Thank you.