A Perfect Moment

I woke up early to the warmness of her naked body next to mine. I had a number of beers the night before and my bladder felt as though it was going to burst. I hold her close for not nearly long enough and carefully crawl out of bed. I didn’t want to get up but nature called, plus I felt a bit sticky, still covered in sweat.

I jumped in her shower quietly, not wanting to wake up her roommates. Normally I’ll take a 15 minute shower but I just want to get the sweat off, feel fresh plus I wanted to get back to her. I realized that I’ve been turned on non stop since the night before. (Do you have any idea how difficult it is to release your bladder when you’ve been turned on for hours and hours and hours?)

It’s early. The sun is just barely up. This is my favorite part of a Saturday morning and this is the best part of my day, it might be the best part of my anything. It’s still cold out. There’s a little snow on the rooftops outside.

I tip toed back into her bedroom. Looking down at her sleeping I really wished I could take a photo of her but I know that would require waking her up first to ask permission to take her photo….. sometimes it sucks being a submissive.

I quietly stripped naked and was just about to crawl back into bed when I see one of her feet sticking out from under the covers. My mouth reacts and I gave her a light peck on the top of her foot before crawling back into bed with her. I wondered if she would have liked to have me wake her up by kissing her feet, legs and working my way up, then I realize that I’d be doing it for me and that greedy mouth of mine.

It’s cold outside but warm under the covers. I slip back behind her and snuggle up tight, kissing her back and squeezing her body as close as I can. I know that these moments are limited, but for now, it doesn’t matter. It does matter, but I try not to think about it. My eyes water a little as I know that this won’t be forever.

I wished time would stop at that moment.

I whisper in her ear something for her to hear as she dreams.

I sigh, smile and slowly drift off to sleep with her.

It was perfect.


is it really greed if it brings the other person pleasure too?

i like this story. i love these moments.

what a beautiful piece. this was really lovely.

What a great moment! It’s just so awesome when you’re in that space, isn’t it?

Beautiful and perfect. Lucky girl. Thanks for being my twitter friend 🙂 xoxo, Rori

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