A new Masocast is live!

For some reason I stopped cross-promoting the podcast here on the blog. Not sure why, either out of laziness or just too much to do at once.

The latest Masocast is now live.

Stephen Elliott is back (listen to his first episode here) with Mistress Alex. We talk about his experience directing his first film About Cherry that took place inse2Kink.com’s Armory, what it’s like being “that guy”, his book Happy Baby and a ton more.


Find Stephen online at Stephenelliott.com on twitter @S___Elliott, find Mistress Alex at mistressalexnyc.com on twitter @MistressAlexNYC.


Find his film About Cherry here



One Comment

That’ll be seeing the kink.com Armory from a different perspective. Already put the film on my watchlist. Pity it didn’t get a better rating on IMDB. I hope to be able to push it up a bit after having watched it.
Where do you get all those interesting and fun people for your podcasts, Axe!
Looking forward to listening!