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I’ve updated the Masocast website. I’d love to know what you think. Plus I’ve added a form on the sidebar so you can submit questions that you’d like me to ask guests on the show.

In this episode I sit down with Mistress Wynter and we talk about biker bars, bad lifestyle events, bad service submissive men, the drive of fetishes and more.

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One Comment

Not my thing … but many years ago I had a girl friend that when she was pissed would shove me down and kick at me until I submitted to her anger.
Then she would step on my chest or face (bare footed because she always was bare foot in the house) and tell me to say I was sorry and that I would make it up to her etc…
She pushed hard with her foot, she always had nice polish and sexy feet. The slower i responded the harder she pushed.
Sometimes she would stand on my chest and push into my face with her other foot telling me what i had to do to make it up to her… I must admit it was very hot and I always got trned on.

The few times she did get me with shoes on though… it was almost (just almost) to much.

That is about as close as I have ever been into being trampled.