6 Word Memoir

MsS&S tagged me to write the “6 Word Memoir” that’s going around.

Hmm, I know I’m supposed to tag others as well so they’ll do it but I think I’ll leave this up to you to tag yourself. The last thing I want is to give someone else extra work to do. While I don’t mind being tagged, I knows some others do.

A six word memoir. I’ve always been bad with homework so..here goes.

I have a few ideas:

“Kinky farm boy loves nyc dominance”.


“Making people smile gets me off”


I could go geeky:

“Knows Mac is superior to Windows”

Or warm and fuzzy:

“Wish to cuddle with certain someone”

or dirty:

“Giving oral makes my toes curl”

or the obvious:

“Indecisiveness makes my blog posts longer”

It’s Monday and my mind is a blank.


Right now I’m thinking of settling on “I don’t know what to say”


Thanks for doing your homework!

MsS&S: It sure helps having an assignment from such a good teacher!

Smart guy deserves better love life.

That was great, but this was my favorite for obvious reasons…it is true…..

“Knows Mac is superior to Windows”


There was a show on that on tv over here.. some guy made a book on collecting such short life stories. I think mine would be

“Missonary plus soldier equals sadistic Domme”


Drunken whore regains lucidity, improves skills.

‘Let me be your slave, please’?