I walked up to the bar and waited for the bartender.   


I feel the small wave of electricity flow throw me as my body jumps. My muscles tighten and I let out a quiet “mmmmfh”

She’s on the other side of the room. I can’t even see her from the bar yet still she holds the remote to the electronic device she fitted me with.


I try my best to cover up my involuntary reactions but it’s very hard.


I get her drink and my beer and start walking back to our table where we’re surrounded by a few friends. I hope she doesn’t push the remote while I’m walking back to the table, forcing me to spill our drinks.


No such luck.   

Thankfully I make it back to the table and she greets me with an evil smile. That smile that makes me melt, whimper and ache for her, a look in her eyes that says “mine”.

We sit and talk for a while then she hands the remote control to the friend who smiles, says she’s not sure if she wants to know where the electricity is going and pushes the button.


All night I’m constantly on edge, anticipating another jolt. She can read my body language and wether she knows it or not she waits until I’ve relaxed until she presses the remote control again.


She lets out a little laugh every time. Not the kind of laugh she has when she’s releasing some of her sadistic desires, it’s the laugh she has when she’s enjoying a new toy or when she’s playing a game.

By the time we get home some of my muscles are a bit achy from being forced to contract. She lets me out of it and shortly after we’re lying naked in bed.

I feel a different kind of electricity as we drift off to sleep.


;….what toy is this, what was it hooked up to, and where can I get one?

What Wendy said 😉

It is really that you know her different laughs that gives away what a great and intimate relationship you are describing.

Bought Milady something along those lines (of course, for her ‘self-protection’), but still have hopes that we’ll see it come into our playtime.

What Wendy said… I have found that i like electro-play and I would love to add to my collection.