You Had Me Then You Lost me

Someone sent me the link to a new site that I was told would be “better than the usual Femdom websites”.

The problem with most Femdom porn is that it’s rare that it looks like the woman is actually enjoying themselves.

There’s a new site is called and here’s a small description:

“Women are ALWAYS on top at Walking through the doors of Maitresse Madeline’s dungeon or even just visiting the site, men acknowledge that they are worms, and accept the absolute truth of female supremacy. Men become desperate slut boys for the pleasure of women — their cocks, balls, asses and mouths available for torture, strap-on fucking, and oral servitude.”

That part about men being worms?


Yeah that really doesn’t do it for me. In fact it’s kinda a turn-off.

Thankfully, I’ve recently discovered that there is some femdom porn out there where the woman is actually enjoying herself. (I’ve even been in a few of them recently). While watching those videos are fun, I’m still not 100% comfortable with seeing myself on the screen. The best part about watching them is being able to relive the experience and seeing the actions that turned me on from another angle.

While I’m on the subject, how did worms get tangled in the mix when it comes to submissive men in their relation to dominant women? Why not ants, cockroaches or some other lowly animal? How did the worm get stuck in this? Maybe the same people who associated worms with submissive men also associated a rabbit with the resurrection of Jesus. (Marking the first and last time I bring up Jesus in a post).


catherine winkworth October 30, 2009 at 5:41 pm

I’d always assumed the “worm” thing was from the Bible – Psalm 22:6

But I am a worm and not a man,
scorned by men and despised by the people.

(here, of course, men/man=human)

I suspect the worm thing is because of their resemblance to flaccid penises.

How disappointing. “Divine Bitches” is such a great name! But yes, sigh. That men-are-worms thing is so tiring. I won’t go into the rant I’m thinking, though. You’ve heard (and probably said) it all before.

Now about the Jesus thing. It may be the first time you’ve mentioned Him. (Sorry, my daddy’s a preacher. I really have to capitalize that.) But are you really, really sure it’ll be the last? Never say never. But I’m clueless as to the allusion. Who associated a rabbit with the Resurrection? Please enlighten me.

Dear Axe,

That example seems pretty typical of the dominant woman I’ve come across and that is exactly why I will never label myself as dominant. I’m not scary or mean and that sort of treament of another human being leaves me with an uneasy feeling. I just really like being in control and having a partner who let’s me take control.

Partners are equal who have equal rights to happiness and pleasure. I’m lucky. I’ve found someone who encourages me to take control.

Best Wishes,

P.S. Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart! (Just in case he sees my comment as he knows I read this blog. Yes, I’m a dork, let’s all just let that go and let me celebrate my one year in giddy peace.)

oh come on darling you can’t tell us you’ve been providing your services in some femdom porn and not give us links!

Thank you! I got so excited when I heard that was doing a new femdom site, but the trailer was such a letdown. The ‘submissive men are pathetic worms’ kind of femdom porn can’t seriously be the only thing that sells, can it? If that was just one niche in femdom porn it wouldn’t bother me so much, but it seems like *all* femdom porn is awfully close to outright submissive-man-hating. No wonder it took me so long to realize I’m a dom.

And to second sophie’s comment, it’s just mean to tease us with a mention of you being in some femdom porn 🙂

The link above should enlighten you all about the zombie-god-rabbits-and-eggs thing. Short version? Eostre was a Germanic goddess worshiped around the spring equinox, associated with the fertility symbols of rabbits and eggs.

She makes an appearance in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods where she gets by in the modern world by having men worship her and then devouring them in their state of ecstasy.

So yes, it’s entirely possible that there is a link between names for submissive men, Jesus, Femdom and bunnies!

I watched some of Divine Bitches’ free live stream last week and I was really disappointed. The bondage was such a let down…really amateurish. It seems like the bondage on the femdom sites always is. I don’t know why they haven’t been able to attract femdom bondage talent on par with the male tops they hire for their other sites. It’s not like it’s not out there.

And yeah, the “grovel filthy worm” talk really turned me off too. Don’t they realize that stuff is boring?