Virtual Wakeup Service

Almost every morning I play a song for Sade while I’m at work.

I log into our media player remotely (It’s a mac-mini hooked up to our stereo) and play a song our of the speakers in our bedroom.

Every morning I’m not there I play a song to wake her up and sometimes it’s hard to pick the song.

Every morning I imagine what I would play for her if I was there.  Of course if I was there I wouldn’t play anything since I’d much rather wake her up with my lips.

Sometimes I close my eyes and feel what the morning feels like, what I’m feeling like.  Am I feeling psyched for a new day? Cuddly? Horny?

I’ll log in and browse our music collection.  If the song isn’t there I’ll download it (usually legally).

I’ll click play and slowly turn the volume in the bedroom up.

I’ll imagine her stirring to the begging of the song.  A smile crossing her lips ad hoping that the vibe of the song.  Shortly after she’ll usually call or text me with a smile.

Sometimes the songs are silly-love-songs, sometimes they’re happy, sometimes they’re the songs that let me know I’m missing her.

But they’re all filled with the hope that one day I’ll be able to work from home and cuddle up next to her instead of connecting to her over wi-fi.



Hi Axe….

How about playing “Silly Love Songs” by Paul McCartney & Wings one morning? I guarantee that will make her smile. IMHO, a classic.

I love seeing your wake up songs in my twitter feed! It is so incredibly sweet!


That’s an incredibly romantic thing to do! Totally cool.

While being woken up in person is of course preferred…this is a lovely and romantic thing. *adds to the list of things for future boy to do*