Not Sure What To Do

I’ve been busier than normal lately.

My day job has been more stressful than normal.   Talks of downsizing, moving departments to other areas of the country and my favorite line from a boss: “Hey, we’re giving you twice as much work and aren’t going to pay you for it, just be happy you have a job”

On top of that my second job has been picking up steam too.  I’m grateful for the extra hours and since I can do it from home it’s a bonus.   Plus any job that allows me to do it while sitting next to my owner is pretty damn good.

Plus there’s the podcast.  I never seem to have as much time as I’d like for that.

I feel overwhelmed.   After finishing work for the night I realized I hadn’t cleaned the bathroom yet and my hands went from my laptop to the bathtub.   I loved the the mental shift.  Going from using one part of my brain to another was relaxing.

Manual labor, that’s where I can really reflect on my day.  Plus, I’m doing it for her.

All that and I’ve been looking for a third job.   I’m just not where I want to be financially and if I can find something to give me a few hours a week for 6 months to a year, i can put my finances from the red to the black.

It scares me a bit though, if I found an overnight job, I’d go from there to my day job, then come home and sleep until my night job.

It’s not the sleep I’m worried about.    Before moving to New York I had a job that required me to wake up at 4am after going to bed around midnight.

What worries me is having so much less time with her.   Sure we’d have the weekends, but frankly I don’t know if I could handle it.

We’ll see.   I’ve sent a few applications so who knows what will come of that.

Meanwhile my hands smell like Soft Scrub, I’m writing this next to my owner, my lover, my Mistress, my girlfriend and my friend.

Life is pretty fucking good.