How to protect your kinky site in under 5 minutes

This is more of a public service announcement for people who run their own website (kinky or not).

I manage or help manage somewhere around 35..holy fuck 35?…shit let me count again…yep around 35 websites, some are kinky and some are vanilla.

Well this morning when I was going through my emails from overnight, I had a notification that someone tried to hack into one of the kinky sites I manage for a friend.  They probably would have succeeded if I hadn’t remembered to install some basic software that blocks people who are attempting unsavory things.

If you have a self-hosted wordpress site I cannot stress how important it is to have some kind of security.  Rather than write out a long tutorial I recorded a quick screencast on how to setup a popular security plugin called Wordfence.


Now this doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to not get hacked.  There is nothing you can do to guarantee that…other than not having a website.  But using a plugin like this is a good start.