Kink in Media

Found Fem…something or other. Miley’s Tongue Tied

A short film of Miley Cyrus doing something or other.

I always wonder when I see a famous person doing a kink scene.  Are they doing it because they’re waving their kink flag proudly or are they doing it because some think it’s shocking and will get people talking.  Also I wonder how many people start it for shock value and end up thinking “wow there’s something here that’s really getting me gong, I gotta google this stuff..let’s see let’s search for Submissive Man blog…oh wow this Unspeakable Axe guy sounds so fucking hot,…aw damn he’s owned and married, she’s so lucky. Well if you can’t have the best then there’s no reason to try it, back to my vanilla life”.

That’s probably what happens.

Anyway here’s the thing with the stuff.

Found Femdom: Leather Top

A reader sent in more Found Femdom with this note:

Xevi Muntane lenses ‘Leather Top’ for Ponystep Fall Winter 2011/12, styled by Phoebe Arnold

Found Femdom: Tantrum Intimates

A good friend of mine sent me this one recently.  It turns out it was a part of a series of fake fashion ads that ran in W magazine by photographer Steven Meisel.

Wanting to create an image that was just plain naughty, the team conceived this lingerie ad, which features model Karen Elson surrounded by a cast of naked and submissive male models dolled up in diamond jewels and sporting reddened bottoms—the latter courtesy of makeup artist Pat McGrath. “Underwear in itself is so sexy,” explains Enninful. “We wanted to push the idea, to really make it shocking.”