D/S while injured

Not The Caning I Wanted

Well I did it, I had the surgery, spend 4 nights in the hospital and I’ve been back home since this weekend. Laid up and for the most part useless.


I wont know for a few weeks if the surgery worked but in the meantime the doctor has ordered I dont bend, twist or lift..anything for a few weeks. Yeah, a few weeks.
As a result our roles have changed a bit.
Sade now asks me if I need anything.  I still ask her but what I can provide has been limited to what movies and TV shows I can download for her.


I can’t even shower without her being in the apartment since tripping would mean an immediate call to 911. After she helps try off the huge wound on my back, put on new dressing for the wound and helps me get dressed.
Yeah, I can’t even put my clothes on by myself.


It’s terribly frustrating for me not being able to do much of anything for her while at the same time she has to do almost everything for me on top of everything she need to do for school.


I walk with a cain too.  Currently shopping for one that looks a bit more debonaire than the one they give you at the hospital, I’d settle for a Fred Astaire or Charlie Chaplian model.  I even looked over the ones Sade has and though in the past I’ve felt them and though in Sade’s hands they could stun a team of oxen in their tracks, in mine I cannot walk with any of them.


Just a month or two and I’ll be able to do much much more, a month or two after and I’ll be able to do everything again.


Until then I’m laid up, in pain and frustrated.  Frustrated that I can’t help myself much less Sade.
The other morning Sade was helping me put my pants on when I apologized to her.
“I’m sorry, this is not what you signed up for when you married me”.


Her repy?


“This is exactly what I signed up for.”


I could have cured cancer, made world peace and solved world hunger and I still wouldn’t have done enough to deserve her.