Submitting To A Republican: A Hard Limit?

Over a year ago I met a woman at BYTE here in NYC, I don’t even remember how we started talking but we did.

She was very attractive, arguably one of the most physically attractive woman in the room. We were joking, she got my humor and we were really clicking but I needed to wake up early (damn work-night events). We exchanged emails and eventually decided to meet for drinks.

When I saw her in the bar I was taken back by how much better she looked in street clothes than she did in fetish wear.

We sat, talked about the lifestyle and somehow got on the subject of politics.

Then it happened. She revealed something about herself scarier than if she had said she was into forced-bi.

She was a Republican.

Not just any kind of republican, but the kind that doesn’t know why she’s a republican. She just repeated talking points she had heard on Fox News or some conservative radio show.

She quickly became unattractive.

Don’t get me wrong, I have Republican friends. Friends I love dearly. But they actually have thought and reason behind why they are who they are.

She was just a talking point repeater. There was no thought or feeling behind what she wanted and every reason she had was a greedy one.

She asked why I was a liberal and when I answered “empathy” she looked like a deer in the headlights.

She lost her attractiveness quickly after that.

So could I ever submit to a member of the GOP? Possibly. If they were the kind who actually thought about their beliefs and weren’t just blabbering on something they heard from a guy on the radio.

I think this goes back to a big part of what it takes for me to submit to someone emotionally. Respect.

I can’t respect someone who watches someone on TV spouting their agenda and assumes that their opinion is fact.

However, it could make for an interesting scene or two:

-She tries to beat me until I denounce the values of universal health care.

-Ties me up with rope she stole from Haliburton.

-Refuses to let me go down on her until I come up with 3 positive things Ronald Regan did.

Ok…maybe it’s not a hard limit. But it sure would be difficult.


I dated a republican once. I don’t recommend it. I especially don’t recommend just playing with one, I get the impression that they tend to be repressed and bad in bed. (No offense intended to any sex-positive republicans reading this, if there are any)

I like that distinction, its funny but most republicans or conservatives who actually have a clue are pretty good its the ones as you said who are knee jerk talking point my dad voted that way and I vote that way types are the scary drank the cool aide types.

Man your into denial! I mean thre things reagan did that were positive sheesh!!!!

Lavender Scorpion April 2, 2008 at 11:10 pm

So no Ann Coulter fantasies I take it?

I’ll admit I’ve had my Tucker Carlson fantasies.. it’s the bow tie.. I can’t help but think CBT when I look at it.

Eztra- I had the most boring sex in the world with a republican once. I hear ya.

Dov- Oh I’m sure I could think of more than three things. Telling Michael Jackson “Give some TLC to the PYTs” was priceless. Especially since we later found out that PYTs meant young boys.

Lavender- I wouldn’t fuck Ann Coulter with a stolen dick.

Hahahaha! Wouldn’t fuck her with a stolen dick. That’s classic!

I’d fuck Ann Coulter. She’s hot, and I bet a dick in the mouth would shut her up. I mean, it doesn’t actually work on me, but I hear tell that a dick in the mouth keeps people quiet.

Well, if fucking Ann Coulter gets brought up, someone is required to post

Although, I will admit playing “Subcomandante Martinez interrogates the imperialist pig-dog American girl” with a pinko commie partner one time was pretty silly and fun, on the other end of the political sexplay spectrum.

I think you could. In fact, it might be the the most intense experience for you. This might be a bad analogy, but I think it holds because the passion with which the parties involve hold to their convinction is just as strong as political opinions.

My wife is a true blood red sox fan. We live in new york city so obviously many of the people we meet are yankees fans. We can handle that as long as the people are not total fair weather fans and are, at the end of the day, fans of baseball. There needs to be that mutual respect.

One guy we met with and had an ongoing thing was a diehard yanks fan. The conversations he and my wife would have over beer about baseball were passionate and intense. Let me tell you it was almost as hot as watching them fuck. And see that’s the thing. The passion and furor with which they could talk about opposing sides of baseball translated and manifested itself in the bedroom.

So, yes, if you found someone who was Republican and could defend their positions logically and smartly I think you could find yourself in a very exciting position.

Or, yeah you could just roll with it and see what kinks she could get you to admit to.

On the other hand, you get the other side of the situation and have someone who thinks there’s ten solidiers in Iraq and the hole in the ozone was made in a day.

Lable all republicans as sexualy repressed and closed minded. Good thing you pointed out your empathy , or I might have missed it.

Ann Coulter , I fucked her . Man oh man , she needed it

Kudzu- Aw, no offense meant by it. I can only speak from personal experience. 100% of the republicans I’ve slept with have been bad in bed.

Also I should say that I’d probably feel the same way about a Democrat that did the same thing. Not sure.

ok , but just so you know, you’er missing out on one hell of a 3 way with Ann and I 🙂 I could tie you both up and beat you untill the two of you could get along.

I hear you, Axe. I made the mistake of becoming close to someone with whom I never had a discussion about politics… and then one day, he said something really stupid and bigoted about immigration policies, and he became a stranger to me. It was hard getting past that. We are friends, kind of, if we stick to safe topics, but I can’t ever imagine wanting to sleep with him now.