She was a pro but open to a relationship with a sub.


I had emailed her on Alt and we buit a rapport over a few days. .


We talked for a bit and she expressed interest in meeting me for dinner.


I was flattered and aggreed to meet her.


“How much can you pay?” she asked.


“What? Nothing. I don’t pay for play so why would I pay to meet?”.


I almost sounded dominant. She knew that I wasn’t looking for that, why would she even suggest it?


“Really? Ok well maybe we can just be friends then. You’re cute so I’ll let you meet me for free and maybe you can clean my apartment.”


I was glad we were on the phone, otherwise she would have seen me roll my eyes at her.


We met tonight (yes I know, I know. Obviously she’s not what I’m looking for yet I go anyway….)


She’s certainly attractive but much older than what she claimed to be. I imagined she was probably 15 years older than me.


Her first questions were all about BDSM and my level of experience.


She was surprised at my advanced level of certain areas such as service, caning and such, but even more surprised at my lack of experience in areas like CBT and chastity.


“Maybe you could go to a few Pro-Dommes and one will want a relationship with you after a few sessions”.



“I couldn’t afford that financially or emotionally”.



We talked a bit more and then she said it:



“Would you like to come back to my place and play for a few hours?”



I don’t know what it was, the age difference, the fact that I really didn’t feel submissive to her, or perhaps the fact that trying to talk to her was almost painful.


If I were Comic-book-guy I’d say: “Worst conversationalist ever”



“I really can’t tonight. Let’s keep in touch though and we can see what happens, if nothing else it would be nice to have a new friend.”



She was not used to men saying “no” to her but she understood and we parted ways.



Walking to the nearest 2/3 station there was a man standing alone paying his trumpet.



Playing this song.






I imagined what that song means.




Too romantic and cheesy??





But it did make me smile.



I’m glad I never even bothered with women like that. What so many dominants don’t understand is that it’s not just a question of whether I’m good “enough” for them, but it’s also a question if they’re good enough for me. Frankly, most of them aren’t even worth a second glance from me.

regardless there has to be attraction and I for one am glad that you stood your ground. I know I sound like a broken record, but there are dominant women that are looking for exaclty you are. That being said I am meeting a potential secondary sub partner this week and there has to be chemistry both for my side as well as his in order to go further and see if a relationship developes.

BTW, If you notice I am back reading you, so don’t be shocked at comments from posts months ago. I find you very interesting.