Sexiest IPhone Apps

For those of you with an Iphone or if you’ve been thinking of buying one, I’ve compiled a list of the best Iphone Applications to help you find someone to play/fuck with. There are thousands of apps to choose from. How do you know what programs are the best for finding that special, or not so special, someone?

Here’s a list of a few that I’ve found to be helpful:

Using Craigsearch, you can browse through those casual encounters ads while on the go.

Look ladies, one guy is promising that your ass will thank him:


The Hot or Not application allows you to search by tag. Here’s a submissive woman who’s into slapping AND dry humor.


Whoshere, allows you to search people in your area using the built-in GPS. It also allows you to search by interest. You can see I’ve filled in my information to be as detailed as possible.

This app is a little buggy though, I haven’t received a single email.


The SimCity app is more subtle. If a woman see you playing this on the subway she’ll think to herself, “Wow, if he can manage a city filled with simulated people, imagine the orgasms he’ll manage to give me!”


If you do end up meeting someone, better use the Cylon Detector app, just to make sure they’re actually human. Unless of course you’re into fucking Cylons. I’ll admit I’m curious.


There’s even one app that displays the FBI’s most wanted list in detail.


You know…..for those of you who are attracted to assholes.



Oh god – there’s a SimCity app? There goes my life…

I misread the title of this post as “Sexist iPhone Apps” instead of “Sexiest.” I was very confused for a few paragraphs there….

Oh my….I do so want me an iphone. Forget the sexy apps….I want the sexy technology. And with me loving up MobileMe….aaaaaah…waaaaant it.

That guy on the wanted…he looks like someone I went to school with. Freaky.

Creative finds, here!
I have to say, the hottest of these is the Cylon Detector.
I’d absolutely want to talk to the guy who was checking for evil robots.

Do you like B5, too?

Have you ever gone to iHustleApps dot com to get uncensored iPhone Apps? I have and I love it. You should check it out.