Saturday Night Thank You

Here’s what I’m doing on a Saturday Night.

Crazy shit right?


I’m a wild-man. ‘Cause ladies love the bad boys.

I’m unpredictable! Will I mop? Dust? Scrub? You don’t know what I’m going to do next. Women like me because I’m dangerous. Saturday night cleaning mofo.

Don’t tell the cops.

Rori from Between My Sheets has compiled a list of the Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2008!

Guess who’s #49?

Thanks to everyone who voted for me! I swear the check is in the mail.

Maybe Rori was worried if she didn’t put me on the list I’d come over and mop her.


I was delighted to see you on the list, Axe – we’re in excellent company!

xx Dee

Hey, I’ll trade ya. I’m still reinstalling shit.

Hmmmm…..if I make you do it naked, and whip you, will you come mop my floor? 😉

you are just way too sexy for words… I do love a guy that knows his way around a bucket of suds!

You are too funny!!! Well, hey…if ya ever get bored and just have that uh, burning desire to clean…I’ll let you come over and clean MY apartment. I know, I’m a giver. You don’t have to thank me.

Hey, nice legs! I like that in a man who knows how to use a bucket.

Ironically, your sarcasm just made you sexier.

This post with the accompanying photo made me laugh. Thanks for this!

I should mention that I clicked #49…;)

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[…] We admire and covet Unspeakable Axe – mostly for his ability to speak the unspeakable. But now he claims that he spent Saturday night cleaning the house. We think (1) he’s got a new kink or squeeze that even he can’t speak, possibly having to do with cleaning equipment; or (2) he’s got some kind of post-modern Cinderella thing happening, which involves forgoing something pleasurable on Saturday night and thinkng about it while mopping. We’re just guessing, mind you. “Saturday Night Thank You.” […]