Relentless Machine

There’s something about the control she has over me that I still can’t explain.

Like how she can forbid me from orgasm when I’m right on the edge and that will prevent me from doing so.

The other night this ability of hers was put to the test.

She had me strip and lay on the bed…tying my arms above my head and my legs spread so wide that my feet were just off the sides of the bed.

She smiled at me and I could see she was putting something together. She was attaching something to something else. I wasn’t sure what it was at first but eventually she moved up on the bed with me holding one device with dials and switches and another device that appeared to be a long plastic tube with a hose coming out of it.

She was preparing what is essentially a machine designed to jerk someone off by both stroking and sucking a guy off. A milking machine. Once it’s on, the user can adjust the suction and speed of the stroke.

Sounds amazing right?

It is….but I knew in the hands of my owner it wouldn’t be that easy.

She placed it on me and started slow. It sucked and slowly pumped up and down over my cock. I was moaning right away.

She slowly increased the suction and the speed of the device until it was almost a blurr. My body arched and I looked at her, knowing she wouldn’t let me over the edge without permission.

It’s become second nature for me to look to her when I’m close, I don’t even need to ask anymore, she just knows.

It didn’t take long for me to get close to the edge…I looked at her and asked but she just shook her head.

The machine worked away. Stroking and sucking up and down again and again. I was constantly on the edge and I was worried that I may be pushed over the edge without permission.



I begged and begged but she just shook her head with that constant smile on her face. Occasionally she’d slow the machine down to a slow agonizing stroke for a few minutes before building it back up again to a speeding blur.

Every muscle felt like it was on fire. I strained against the restraints.

On one hand it was intensely pleasurable. It was as though I was having an orgasm without the release but on the other hand every inch of my body would have killed to be allowed the release. I was in heaven and hell at the same time and she knew it.

This went on and on for what felt like an eternity before she slowly slid it off of my cock.

“Why did she stop? I thought she was going to let me finally come? Why!? why!? Why!?”

I didn’t need to wonder for too long….she stripped and mounted me and ordered me to fuck her to make her come.

Being bound in that position made it difficult to thrust up into her…I couldn’t bend my knees to get the same desired thrust that I knew I could do to get her over the brink. Somehow I strained enough against the ropes around my ankles and managed to do as she had told me.

When she came, I almost did too. It was so hard not to. Feeling her body on top of mine combined with the sights and sounds of her orgasm made int almost impossible for me to compose myself.

When she was satisfied she slid down and held me in her hands.

“Do you want to?”

“Yes….yes please!! Fuck! Please!”

“Then give it to me!”

The room went white. I felt the restraints pulling me tighter as my whole body convulsed. My long wait ended and it ended because she willed it.

Eventually she untied me….cuddled up next to me and we lay there in post-orgasmic bliss.

Since then there’s been talk of her tying me up, hooking me up to the machine again and leaving me there for a long duration.

I’m both nervous and excited with the idea.


I’d pay good money to see that. More if I could join in.

What was this machine? I need to get one…

“…in heaven and hell at the same time..” Sounds wonderful – for both of you ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s something so appealing about a fucking machine…either being the one on the other end of its ministrations, or the one using it to tease and torture another. This post inspires all kinds of delicious thoughts. Thanks!

Damn, where does she get all this stuff! I’m jealous! ๐Ÿ˜›

Thanks for writing that, was really very hot to read – especially as I recently had a run in with a fucking machine and it’s fascinating to read about the male version of same.

What piece of kit is it – do you have a link?


Great post.

As a mutual friend once so aptly demonstrated for me, this is a machine truly without any conscious, as it will continue to energetically pump away LONG AFTER you are done with it!! Hope this doesn’t give your Mistress any ideas!! Nah, she’s a pretty smart lady, I’m sure she’s already thought of it. Enjoy!


The machine Axe’s owner used is called a Venus 2000. ( It’s a pretty interesting device. While it’s mostly marketed as a masturbation device, I find it’s far more effective and long-term compelling as an orgasm control/milking device used with a dominant partner. (See my post, “Come Again” for an example.) Since the Venus is pricey and a pain to clean up…if you’re just using it to jack off, you’ll find the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) manual method gets you there just as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for writing this – I’ve never read anything erotic like this on the internet before

There’s something very curious about these sex machines – makes me want to try one, although the venus and sybian are very pricey. I’ve seen a few videos of girls on the sybian and they clearly give a level of pleasure that is pretty much unparalelled. I guess the venus gives a similar amount of pleasure to guys