Well I’m not going into details but basically…no part of me is owned anymore.

It felt amazing while it lasted. It’s the closest I think I’ve ever felt to finding “her”.

And it only took 33 years to find her.


I’m so sorry to hear that, wish I could help.

Virtual hugs. I’m sorry this relationship didn’t work out. Would it help to think about what you learned? Not to put words into your mouth, but perhaps this foray into ownership assured you that it is, indeed, as amazing as you had hoped?

ohhh so sorry and big hugs… damn! I was really hoping it would work out for you.

Of course you might have gotten my email and I am no closer myself. I feel ya brother. 😉


And people wonder why you and I are fearful of such a scarcity.


My empathy. Breaking up sucks.

Poor baby.