Perfect Storm

We were on our first solo road-trip together, putting on almost 1000 miles in just over 2 days as we traveled across the mid-west.

A storm caught us on the interstate.  It was coming down so hard and so fast that we had to pull over. What started out as heavy rain then slowly transformed into hail with the heavy pelts knocking the car with a loud noise.













I made a comment about how I was glad it was a rental and I looked over at Sade expecting a comment along the same lines but our eyes met and the a very specific smile swept across her face.

“Wanna make out?”

She knew the answer before she even asked it.

The storm passed all too quickly.  Eventually we had to stop and keep moving due to the traffic backed up behind us.

This weekend though, with Hurricane Irene’s visit just a few hours away, there’s nobody behind us, and we’re not stuck in some tiny rental car.



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Love your blog. Its so honest and well written. Thank you for being a better example of a man.